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Allround #5, Default #6
March 05, 2019, 01:34 PM
Beginner 1107 in Aerial before the game. Gained 28|28 points more
Bulgaria CfR MAF
Absolute Beginner 851 in Aerial before the game. Lost 29|28 points more

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4 - 1
3 - 0
4 - 1
Information Game scheme: Aerial
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Afghanistan has nominated this game for Game of the season
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Random generated map by the game.
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Random generated map by the game.
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Game Chat(s)
[HailBush] Good luck and have fun! Tobi is in a very good condition today. Too good if you ask me...therefor we can't f@#!ing lose. We never lose you f@#!ing animals! So let the shit begin :)
[HailBush] I can smell victory, it smells very god and specific. Victory smells like: dogpiss
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] Have fun and good luck
[HailBush] what fun
[HailBush] its about winning
[HailBush] he thought he could f@#! me with the mine
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] xD
[HailBush] f@#!
[HailBush] dickface
[MIGHTY`taner] im rapist of the year
[MIGHTY`taner] lucker
[MIGHTY`taner] n@#!!!
[HailBush] who is the lucker here
[HailBush] well
[HailBush] what a fag
[MIGHTY`taner] you f@#!ing homosexual
[MIGHTY`taner] where the f@#! is tobiass
[HailBush] he is out cold right now
[HailBush] doctor working on him
[HailBush] he is asleep
[HailBush] narcoseaction
[MIGHTY`taner] maybe he will f@#! him while asleep
[HailBush] damn pig
[MIGHTY`taner] what do you think?
[HailBush] they might rotate yes everyone gets the dong
[MIGHTY`taner] its a possibility that tobi can shit himself ih hes so relaxed
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] being asleep god knows where is dangerous for soul and ass
[HailBush] he is an animal he hit the doctors and shit when he woke up
[HailBush] in the early narcose stages
[HailBush] oh noob
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] ahahahahah
[MIGHTY`taner] nice one
[MIGHTY`taner] f@#!ing noob
[HailBush] that was the keyboard
[HailBush] its too old
[HailBush] assf@#!er
[HailBush] oh
[HailBush] n@#!!!tactics
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] you have i7 but old kb?
[HailBush] well its a good keyboard G19
[HailBush] but its old
[HailBush] f@#!ed taner many times with it
[HailBush] f@#! this shit
[HailBush] same shit again
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] straight zook shot would be better
[HailBush] same shit again
[HailBush] with good wind i will do it
[HailBush] ok
[HailBush] f@#! yes
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] perf
[HailBush] thats a strong word
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] perfect
[MIGHTY`taner] im camn suenoob
[HailBush] come on
[HailBush] NO
[MIGHTY`taner] calculated
[HailBush] NO
[HailBush] f@#!ed hard, 1:0
[MIGHTY`taner] asshole
[MIGHTY`taner] ill rape you
[HailBush] i understand

[HailBush] I can smell victory, it smells very good and specific. Victory smells like: dogshit
[HailBush] bah map looks shit
[HailBush] now dynamite 2
[HailBush] he will enjoy it
[HailBush] who wouldnzt
[HailBush] -z
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] Have fun and good luck
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] rekt
[MIGHTY`taner] max i got a good shitting song for you
[MIGHTY`taner] eminem - so far
[HailBush] ok
[HailBush] and a medkit
[HailBush] ofc
[HailBush] suck my nutsack
[HailBush] oh fag
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] cmon MadMax, time to pedal to the metal
[HailBush] f@#!ed
[HailBush] beautiful
[HailBush] but not good enough
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] was airstrikable
[MIGHTY`taner] thans max
[MIGHTY`taner] ur so stupid
[HailBush] as if you hit that
[MIGHTY`taner] ah
[HailBush] hehe
[MIGHTY`taner] n@#!!!
[HailBush] dick licked
[MIGHTY`taner] ok i destroy the girder
[HailBush] f@#! f@#!
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] omg
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] too modest
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] n
[HailBush] ok that worm
[MIGHTY`taner] dig time
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] hehe
[MIGHTY`taner] faggot
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] ahah
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] nice
[MIGHTY`taner] pro
[MIGHTY`taner] all calculation

[HailBush] nope
[HailBush] f@#!ed
[HailBush] nope
[HailBush] f@#!ed
[HailBush] good worm
[HailBush] BÄM
[HailBush] BÄM
[HailBush] n@#!!!c@#!
[HailBush] WHORE
[MIGHTY`taner] n@#!!!
[MIGHTY`taner] darktime
[HailBush] f@#! off
[HailBush] time is money
[MIGHTY`taner] max i got the bigger one
[HailBush] your cock aint big enough
[HailBush] asshole
[HailBush] oh oh
[MIGHTY`taner] what did you get noob
[HailBush] barrel was the target
[HailBush] all god
[HailBush] o
[HailBush] i didnt get airstrike or banana
[HailBush] thats what i can tell you
[HailBush] careful now
[HailBush] YOU will suck my dick
[HailBush] well
[MIGHTY`taner] i will not
[MIGHTY`taner] not today
[HailBush] ah f@#! off
[MIGHTY`taner] noob
[HailBush] hehe
[HailBush] i love worms
[HailBush] 1hp flame
[HailBush] what now
[HailBush] f@#!ed?
[MIGHTY`taner] faggot
[HailBush] f@#!ED HARD
[HailBush] BITCH
[HailBush] 2:1
[HailBush] n@#!!!
[HailBush] f@#!ED HARD
[HailBush] f@#!ED
[HailBush] f@#!ED

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