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Allround #5, Rope #6
June 24, 2019, 01:49 PM

Absolute Beginner 998 in WxW before the game. Gained 36|36 points more

Absolute Beginner 924 in WxW before the game. Lost 36|36 points more

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Information Game scheme: WxW
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] maybe i will win this
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] gl hf
[UC`Triad`dS] gl hf
[UC`Triad`dS] will see :)
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] yaeh pile me xd
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] n1
[UC`Triad`dS] is common tactic to pile in league wxw
[UC`Triad`dS] best tactic to avoid is to teleport first worm on a barrel
[UC`Triad`dS] so i can't tele next to it
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] FFF
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] i don't want to lose now i lost many games
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] :)
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] :))))))))
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] F
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] Lincoln burrows?
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] haha
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] that was my name too
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] n1
[UC`Triad`dS] ty
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] Lincoln was my name i mean
[UC`Triad`dS] ah
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] ______-
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] age ; eg;la l;rvvrq;wllwqrlqw;lrq;lwr;l
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] exactly lol
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] XD
[UC`Triad`dS] oops
[UC`Triad`dS] lol
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] lol
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] --------
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] ......
[UC`Triad`dS] lmao
[UC`Triad`dS] vbl
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] I hate this bug
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] Really senseless
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] Devs should fix this f@#!ing IDIOTIC bug :)
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] n1
[UC`Triad`dS] ty
[UC`Triad`dS] n1
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] T
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] H
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] X
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] bro
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] you left one wall
[UC`Triad`dS] which one
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] that 2 walls in middle
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] i will show you
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] --_
[UC`Triad`dS] the one below?
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] this
[UC`Triad`dS] i see
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] yes
[UC`Triad`dS] my bad
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] that dog's below
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] my bad?
[UC`Triad`dS] my mistake
[UC`Triad`dS] didn't notice
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] XD
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] mp
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] ooo
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] gg
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] It seems i will never win a match with a good skills :)
[UC`Triad`dS] noone borns pro
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] gg
[UC`Triad`dS] you will get there as long as you play :)
[UC`Triad`dS] gg
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] gg :)
[scR`Bl4st3r`sX] your skills are good