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Allround #5, Rope #6
July 24, 2019, 12:40 AM
United Kingdom dt ZaR rrX
Average 1474 in Roper before the game. Gained 21|20 points more
United States dt ZaR
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Roper before the game. Lost 20|20 points more

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Information Game scheme: Roper
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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WEXAGE by BlAzEllx2xll
1920 x 696, BIT, 2.73 KB, Downloaded 7931 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[shadY] gl hf!
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] u2 dude
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] u sorted ur tus account then
[shadY] yes sir
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] monkeyisland
[shadY] thanks to the help of a few diffrent people on here
[shadY] this i smy first game lol i hosted a warmer =p
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] None joined?
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] crc shady or was smth else? =o
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] from w2
[shadY] no my tag was carbOn in w2
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] hmm
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] I don't remember him
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] but i knew pplsworm, dimension, kooper, PunisheR etc
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] spear clan
[shadY] yep knew all of them too
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] <(_)>
[shadY] o ya
[shadY] tmnr
[shadY] o bl lol
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] sry
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] i'll miss attack if want
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] was that from chute or ground lmao
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] tmnr hm
[shadY] no
[shadY] dont
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] ok
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] remember a bingowings aka synikal
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] some good brasillian playaz too
[shadY] eh not as much as those other names
[shadY] pplsworms and dim and
[shadY] ya
[shadY] n
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] t
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] is michigan in detroit
[shadY] detroit is in michigan lol
[shadY] ya
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] Oh
[shadY] you getting off soon?
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] wrong way round?
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] xD
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] No
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] im still drinking.
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] it;s thunder and lightning herre sunny all day tho
[shadY] ok i gota get off after this but ill be back on in an hr or so
[shadY] o ya,, lol
[shadY] weird when it rains but its sunny out still
[shadY] lol
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] raining now
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] sunny earliere
[shadY] o lol
[shadY] well tahts not weird lol
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] xD
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] but lightning is weird in summer no
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] well i hope 2 c u in 1 hr if im omn
[shadY] word
[shadY] dang i needed another ahrd crate for you lol
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] u heard of a rapper called cage
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] had beef with eminem in music lol
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] quite good rap also...
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] I like both
[shadY] o ya no kidding, never heard of him. ill have to look it up
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] gg
[shadY] im listing to eminem now -p
[shadY] gg man
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] cool
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] :)
[shadY] fun game
[shadY] see ya around
[dt-blitzed-ZaR] cu
[shadY] gg

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