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Allround #9, Default #10
October 06, 2020, 01:28 PM
Absolute Beginner 990 in BnG before the game. Gained 37|37 points more
India sX FAW
Absolute Beginner 926 in BnG before the game. Lost 37|37 points more

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Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Mirrored BnG #6 by XanKriegor, Sensei
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Game Chat(s)
[Albus] hf
[`sX`Bl4st3r] hf
[`sX`Bl4st3r] xd
[Albus] close
[`sX`Bl4st3r] hmm
[`sX`Bl4st3r] :O
[`sX`Bl4st3r] shit
[Albus] aw
[Albus] more 0.5 sec
[Albus] would perfect hit
[`sX`Bl4st3r] ye xd
[Albus] perfect
[`sX`Bl4st3r] ty ! :D
[`sX`Bl4st3r] hmm
[`sX`Bl4st3r] lol
[Albus] xD
[`sX`Bl4st3r] :D
[Albus] ops
[`sX`Bl4st3r] xD
[`sX`Bl4st3r] oh i got a bit hit
[`sX`Bl4st3r] didn't see
[`sX`Bl4st3r] minimized xD
[Albus] xD
[Albus] -.-
[`sX`Bl4st3r] xd
[`sX`Bl4st3r] m
[`sX`Bl4st3r] n
[Albus] t
[`sX`Bl4st3r] lmao
[Albus] wha thappens
[Albus] when sd come?
[`sX`Bl4st3r] nothing i guess
[Albus] ye
[Albus] i think its draw
[Albus] aw
[`sX`Bl4st3r] Headshot xd
[`sX`Bl4st3r] :O
[Albus] lol
[`sX`Bl4st3r] well
[`sX`Bl4st3r] that's not safe for me xD
[Albus] maybe not
[Albus] xD
[Albus] hmm
[`sX`Bl4st3r] :O
[Albus] bad girder
[`sX`Bl4st3r] xDDD
[Albus] good for u xD
[`sX`Bl4st3r] xD
[`sX`Bl4st3r] xD
[`sX`Bl4st3r] asfk
[`sX`Bl4st3r] askf
[`sX`Bl4st3r] xD
[`sX`Bl4st3r] wtf
[`sX`Bl4st3r] f@#!ING SPACE
[Albus] '-'
[Albus] i had this problem
[Albus] with old cheap keyboard
[`sX`Bl4st3r] XD
[`sX`Bl4st3r] wtf
[`sX`Bl4st3r] told u i'll never win with f@#!ing u
[`sX`Bl4st3r] xD
[Albus] 5sec nade with lg is ok right?
[`sX`Bl4st3r] Yes lol
[Albus] what f
[`sX`Bl4st3r] wtf
[`sX`Bl4st3r] xDDDDD
[`sX`Bl4st3r] xDDD
[Albus] i reach the iompossible
[`sX`Bl4st3r] fal
[`sX`Bl4st3r] s
[`sX`Bl4st3r] falafs
[`sX`Bl4st3r] l; fsa
[`sX`Bl4st3r] lfsl
[Albus] gj
[`sX`Bl4st3r] ty
[`sX`Bl4st3r] a'skf
[`sX`Bl4st3r] saf
[`sX`Bl4st3r] :O
[`sX`Bl4st3r] gg
[Albus] gg
[Albus] trick race?
[`sX`Bl4st3r] ye

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