April 17, 2021, 01:48 AM

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Rope #12, Allround #11
April 08, 2021, 01:37 AM
United Kingdom ob ZaR LR
Rookie 1285 in Shopper before the game. Gained 29|22 points more
Absolute Beginner 883 in Shopper before the game. Lost 26|22 points more

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Information Game scheme: Shopper
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[HostingBuddy] Have lots of fun, and the best of luck!
[dt`blitzed`zar] hf
[dt`blitzed`zar] hard map
[ko] a bit
[dt`blitzed`zar] but im pro roper
[ko] good for u
[dt`blitzed`zar] drunk though...
[dt`blitzed`zar] so....
[dt`blitzed`zar] u know...
[ko] real men can do things drunk
[dt`blitzed`zar] yes
[dt`blitzed`zar] loses my skill 10%
[ko] what did u drink
ko has turned on the crate finder feature of wkRubberWorm (http://worms2d.info/RubberWorm).
[dt`blitzed`zar] budweiser
[dt`blitzed`zar] 8 cans
[ko] how many
[dt`blitzed`zar] 7 maybe 8 idk
[dt`blitzed`zar] got more in fridge :-)
[ko] shit
[ko] those are 250ml beers right?
[dt`blitzed`zar] 440ml cans...
[ko] ok i already lost
[ko] i saw 250 cans
[ko] looks like fuckin coca cola
[ko] must be fun to drink
[dt`blitzed`zar] just to get drunk
[dt`blitzed`zar] tastes not gr8
[dt`blitzed`zar] gj plop
[ko] ty
[ko] i like vodka tho
[ko] escpecially colored ones 100s
[dt`blitzed`zar] Smirnoff?
[dt`blitzed`zar] yes its nice sometimes with cherry coke fanta fruit twist etc
[ko] im not sure if if i drunk smirnoff
[ko] i usually buy the cheapest ones
[ko] lubelska or some shit
[dt`blitzed`zar] i see
[ko] lol
[dt`blitzed`zar] 236!
[ko] n
[dt`blitzed`zar] glenns cheaper
[dt`blitzed`zar] in uk
[dt`blitzed`zar] but all still expensive
[dt`blitzed`zar] t
[dt`blitzed`zar] More shoppa tus?
[dt`blitzed`zar] or had enough?
[ko] sure but not now
[dt`blitzed`zar] ok
[ko] another time
[ko] kinda sleepy right now
[ko] gg
[dt`blitzed`zar] gg
[dt`blitzed`zar] cu
[HostingBuddy] ko has disconnected: Socket error: recv() error: Connection reset by peer

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