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Allround #13, Default #14
July 26, 2021, 09:41 AM
Brazil STF
Absolute Beginner 1040 in Elite before the game. Gained 37|36 points more
Chile cC aR
Absolute Beginner 956 in Elite before the game. Lost 38|36 points more

Information Game scheme: Elite
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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elitemap06 by HHC
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Game Chat(s)
[Corujao] aaw
[Corujao] rm
[Corujao] i forget
[Corujao] put
[Corujao] bo3
[Corujao] np?
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] ok
[Corujao] continue?
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] n
[Corujao] ok
[Corujao] xd
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] xD
[Corujao] hf æ
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] hf ae
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] aeae
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] cómo va la life?
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] todo bien
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] ¿?
[Corujao] bien , gracias a Dios
[Corujao] y con usted?
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] lol
[Corujao] aw
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] nno me digas usted
[Corujao] nt
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] de tù
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] si en worms
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] todos somos iguales
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] yo todo bien
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] acá volviendo al game
[Corujao] n1
[Corujao] si
[Corujao] como es la vida en chile?
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] xd
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] depende cómo te ames
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] y la sepas llevar
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] psi sabes vivir
[Corujao] hmm
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] dá igual el país
[Corujao] xd
[Corujao] usted es bueno para hablar
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] solo digo lo k piezo enn bbase a mis experiencias
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] hehehe
[Corujao] no me parece
[Corujao] anti social jeje
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] bueno para hablar solo con las personas k lolsiento
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] lol
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] antisocial siempre
[Corujao] aw
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] por k la sociedad es c uadrada y sonn todos creados
[Corujao] hmm
[Corujao] compreendo
[Corujao] aw
[Corujao] bl man
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] kik}
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] xD
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] y ese ke decía ke me kikearas
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] kienn nes?
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] niidea
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] hahhaa
[Corujao] jajajaja
[Corujao] elle no queria jugar
[Corujao] big rr
[Corujao] con usted?
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] cuándo creaste big r
[Corujao] usted es bueno jugador
[Corujao] juegas + tiempo
[Corujao] que yo
[Corujao] ouch
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] eaea
[Corujao] O.0
[Corujao] n1
[Corujao] 2 muertes
[Corujao] poor
[Corujao] green
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] yo creo
[Corujao] xd
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] ke era solo miedo n o más
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] xD
[Corujao] jajajja
[Corujao] :o
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] nt
[Corujao] ty
[Corujao] nt
[Corujao] man
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] ea
[Corujao] usted tienes buenos jugadores en tu clan
[Corujao] ya juguei con otros
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] xxxD
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] see
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] puros dinnosaurios
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] heheh
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] oxidados
[Corujao] jajaja
[Corujao] ns
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] haha
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] tenemos unn wzp
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] si tte invito
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] me caes bien
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] así k agrega si kieres erntrar
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] +56994729105
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] eso sí
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] solo una vez invito
[Corujao] gracias
[Corujao] rio me dice
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] haa
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] rio
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] te saliste
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] no entendí por ké
[Corujao] o.0
[Corujao] hmm
[Corujao] oow
[Corujao] nt
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] aww
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] me falloío
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] xD
[Corujao] casi
[Corujao] xd
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] falló
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] xd
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] lol
[Corujao] aw
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] juegas bunge?
[Corujao] hmm
[Corujao] no costumo
[Corujao] jugar
[Corujao] pero
[Corujao] juego otros
[Corujao] bungee race?
[Corujao] ya juguei algunas veces
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] buena}
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] cómo se llama ese nuevo shopper
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] market
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] algo k puedes atracar con todas las armas k tengas
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] hehehe
[Corujao] aaw
[Corujao] supermarket
[Corujao] yo creo
[Corujao] te gusta?
[Corujao] casi
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] haa ese
[Corujao] nt
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] me gustó
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] lo enncontrée bueno
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] divertido
[Corujao] CAK RULES
[Corujao] fizeste
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] aw
[Corujao] n1
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] noo
[Corujao] uf
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] xD
[Corujao] gg

[Corujao] hf gl
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] super sheep
[Corujao] cool
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] pero trato de nunca ocuparla
[Corujao] buena
[Corujao] por que?
[Corujao] se es una buena arma
[Corujao] aqui
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] yhf
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] es la obeja voladora
[Corujao] si
[Corujao] nt
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] y
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] ya
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] es k tuve k bajar al primer piso
[Corujao] hmm
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] aw
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] XD
[Corujao] hard game!
[Corujao] nt
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] xD
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] tnía k intnentarlo
[Corujao] si
[Corujao] muy
[Corujao] bueno
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] ea
[Corujao] buenissimo
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] lol
[Corujao] nt
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] ke malo
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] xD
[Corujao] damn
[Corujao] ouch
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] ea
[Corujao] pff
[Corujao] hehe
[Corujao] n1
[Corujao] ns
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] algo
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] xD
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] ea
[Corujao] n1
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] lol
[Corujao] xd
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] ah
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] ah
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] xD
[Corujao] boo
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] o ví esa
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] xD
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] gg
[Corujao] 99
[Corujao] FUE
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] wennos games
[`cC`4NTi50Ci4L] unnn big?=
[Corujao] ye
[Corujao] cierto

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