September 18, 2021, 11:24 AM

Game #227879, reported by blitzed, Viewed 102 Time(s)

Rope #14, Allround #13
July 31, 2021, 10:26 PM
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Big RR/Tower before the game. Gained 41|41 points more
Absolute Beginner 1039 in Big RR/Tower before the game. Lost 41|41 points more

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10 - 8
Information Game scheme: Big RR/Tower
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Game Chat(s)
[Komito`db] Hf
[Komito`db] BnG is the only thing i'm still, ok at lol
[zar-oldsock`db] hf
[Komito`db] This is wider than I thought...
[ob-blitzed-zar] and big rr i guess
[Komito`db] Meh, i'm ok at Big RR, still need practise to get my confidence back
[Komito`db] It takes a couple months of practise to get that league confidence back
[Komito`db] The thing with roper is, because I rope inverted now, i'm absolutely rubbish at selecting weapons with my right hand while using space with left
[ob-blitzed-zar] oh
[Komito`db] Just need to practise more
[ob`Aladdin] nice
[Komito`db] Thanks
[Komito`db] Bah
[Komito`db] That was rubbish
[Komito`db] Used the wrong manoeuvre a few times and messed up
[Komito`db] Woah, nice
[ob`Aladdin] yeee xd
[Komito`db] N end
[Komito`db] That dragon sorta thing though, that was nice
[ob`Aladdin] whooa
[zar-oldsock`db] nice
[Komito`db] Thanks
ob-blitzed-zar..ob`Aladdin: t
ob-blitzed-zar..ob`Aladdin: :/
[zar-oldsock`db] n
[Komito`db] Thanks
[ob`Aladdin] nice
[zar-oldsock`db] n
[Komito`db] Nice
[zar-oldsock`db] ty
[Komito`db] 15s left
[Komito`db] 31
[ob-blitzed-zar] 30
[Komito`db] 5
[Komito`db] Nice
[Komito`db] Need to do some math now lol
[ob-blitzed-zar] so we win yes ?
[ob`Aladdin] yes
[Komito`db] I need to count up
[zar-oldsock`db] i think so
[zar-oldsock`db] my slow ass
[zar-oldsock`db] :X
[Komito`db] I finished more of a gap between me and aladdin than aladdin and sock
[Komito`db] And 1s faster than blitzed
[Komito`db] My brain hurts
[Komito`db] Ah yeah, I think they won
[ob-blitzed-zar] bye guys ima call it a night
[ob-blitzed-zar] i'll report
[Komito`db] Gg
[ob`Aladdin] gg

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Offline Komito

Game #227879, reported by blitzed
« on: July 31, 2021, 10:34 PM »
We can all learn from this that I suck at Big RR logic...

I deliberately started playing safer after getting a gain on blitzed because I thought my lead on Aladdin being bigger than Aladdins lead on oldsock was enough to win.

What an idiot lmao! Great game though, I enjoyed that!

Offline Kradie

Game #227879, reported by blitzed
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2021, 10:40 PM »
Good game and good job.