May 28, 2022, 10:11 PM

Game #229680, reported by Rocket, Viewed 355 Time(s)

Free #35
November 22, 2021, 04:25 PM
Mexico MOLE
Fairly Competent 1689 in Mole Shopper before the game. Gained 15|14 points
Israel MdT
Absolute Beginner 1051 in Mole Shopper before the game. Lost 14|14 points

Game Rate
Not rated yet
Players history
13 - 2
17 - 2
13 - 2
17 - 2
Information Game scheme: Mole Shopper
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Downloaded 66 time(s).
Game Awards
This game hasn't been nominated for any awards.
Game Map(s)

Hospital Moles by TheMadCharles, Plutonic
1920 x 696, PNG, 29.45 KB, Downloaded 246 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[Liav] enjoy
[GonZaLO] meh
[GonZaLO] that will cost me
[Liav] tough start
[GonZaLO] it's fine, you could have plopped me before anyway
[Liav] yeah, thought of it, but preffered stopping you from getting crates if I fail
[Liav] and the crates defently worth it
[Liav] ;)
[GonZaLO] it's not like I have bad ones either
[Liav] gg
[Liav] well played it
[Liav] ohh
[Liav] oh well
[Liav] I am really good with throwing
[GonZaLO] hmm
[Liav] you see?
[GonZaLO] gg amigo
[Liav] gg
[GonZaLO] was not easy
[GonZaLO] at first!
[Liav] not at all

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Game #229680, reported by Rocket
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What can I say about this one... the map, the play  :D
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