December 06, 2021, 08:17 PM

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Default #15, Allround #14
November 22, 2021, 07:28 PM
Beginner 1109 in BnG before the game. Gained 35|37 points more
Absolute Beginner 1053 in BnG before the game. Lost 30|37 points more

Game Rate
Not rated yet
Players history
7 - 2
7 - 5
13 - 23
27 - 40
Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Game Chat(s)
[sock`db] hf
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] Funs
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] hf :)
[Shtaket] what shemes?
[NivmanCKC] this map is horrible
[`ob`Lancelot`pH] for bng yeah
[`ob`Lancelot`pH] agree
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] hyst map mostly
[NivmanCKC] one of the worst i have seen xD
[NivmanCKC] not even hys..no lands to destroy its too low
[sock`db] ns
[Shtaket] t
[`ob`Lancelot`pH] oi
[`ob`Lancelot`pH] sry
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] >.<
[`ob`Lancelot`pH] think bounce is on
[sock`db] 5 sec?
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] what do we do?
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] self damage 43 right?
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] sitter?
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] 5 sec without bounce or lg
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ahh
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] did it hit someone?
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] sock
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] 43
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] hmm
[`ob`Lancelot`pH] 13 hp left ;p
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] 12
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] u hit 31
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] or you die at 13 hp
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] ye
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] 12*
[NivmanCKC] i think keep it like that and u just di on 12
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] no need self hitting
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] oki
[`ob`Lancelot`pH] ok i skip and continue, ok?
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] continue
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] u die at 12
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] no skip
[`ob`Lancelot`pH] kk
[Shtaket] gs
[NivmanCKC] gs
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ae
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] wtf
[`ob`Lancelot`pH] Lol
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] vn
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] wut
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] treesome
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] :D
[`ob`Lancelot`pH] tae
[NivmanCKC] oha
[`ob`Lancelot`pH] o.o
[NivmanCKC] ns
[NivmanCKC] xD
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] not necessary :D
[NivmanCKC] thats called "self hitting"
[NivmanCKC] iamm off to ag hf dudes
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] ok warrior mode
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] job
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] wtf r we doin
[sock`db] uff
[sock`db] gg
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] can't be
[ob-Rocket`zar`pH] gg
[`ob`Lancelot`pH] 99
[sock`db] cya

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Game #229680, reported by Rocket
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What can I say about this one... the map, the play  :D
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