May 20, 2022, 01:27 PM

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Free #36
December 24, 2021, 04:31 PM
Hungary FS
Average 1458 in Jetpack Race before the game. Gained 40|20 points
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Jetpack Race before the game. Lost 20|20 points

Information Game scheme: Jetpack Race
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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BattleRace3 by Garg0yle
1920 x 696, BIT, 6.73 KB, Downloaded 7837 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[HostingBuddy] Have lots of fun, and the best of luck!
[Lupastic] enjoyz
[Corujao] u2
[Echiko-] avril lavigne xD
[Echiko-] rock xD
[Lupastic] she is :P
[Corujao] ``
[Lupastic] hardcore! <3
[Corujao] hehe yes
[Echiko-] but she has blue eyes long brown hair and we with these features are not hardcore :P
[Corujao] :o
[Lupastic] 72
[Corujao] 90
[Corujao] xd
[Corujao] gj
[Lupastic] :P
[Lupastic] it was a bad fly
[Lupastic] I can do better than this surely next time
Lupastic..Echiko-: how did u like the game so far?
Lupastic..Echiko-: u watched videos of it?
Echiko-..Lupastic: yes
Echiko-..Lupastic: I saw it is on turns
Echiko-..Lupastic: and must learn a bit of mechanics
Echiko-..Lupastic: like how does it work in deep
Lupastic..Echiko-: not the mechanics, rather tactics :P and the stats of the units
[Corujao] 1
[Lupastic] OMG
[Lupastic] 72
[Lupastic] :P
[Corujao] 71
[Corujao] ?
[Corujao] lol
[Lupastic] I think it was 72 xd but
[Lupastic] we will check it out later
[Lupastic] lets see if we can do better
[Echiko-] go amanda
[Echiko-] use fart to fly higher
[Corujao] inever play its scheme
[Lupastic] 65
[Echiko-] 65
[Echiko-] yes
[Echiko-] exactly
[Echiko-] but you used fart technique
[Lupastic] Amanda goes for best time
[Lupastic] : ] <3
[Echiko-] wkfartmakesjetpackfaster.dll
[Lupastic] what is farting with jetpack btw?
[Lupastic] xd
[Lupastic] I dont understand this
[Echiko-] eheheheh
[Echiko-] stupid jokes by Echiko
[Echiko-] xD
[Lupastic] 65 is the record, if we go over it, might as well skip
[Lupastic] sim
[Echiko-] 0o
[Echiko-] aaaaah
[Echiko-] right
[Lupastic] xd
[Echiko-] 3v1l r3cord
Lupastic..Echiko-: is this his 3rd worm?
Lupastic..Echiko-: or 4th?
Echiko-..Lupastic: I think 3rd
Echiko-..Lupastic: one finished, one plopped, this is the 3rd
Lupastic..Echiko-: he plopped 2 worms
Echiko-..Lupastic: ah two?
Lupastic..Echiko-: flying with this
Echiko-..Lupastic: then 4
Lupastic..Echiko-: and one is at the finish
Lupastic..Echiko-: not sure xd
[Lupastic] is this your 3rd or 4th worm, Coru?
[Corujao] hmm
[Lupastic] 1 more?
[Corujao] 3
[Lupastic] antisin kis on, you get teleport back
[Echiko-] ah yes it was 3rd then
[Corujao] :o
[Corujao] ok
[Lupastic] 65
[Lupastic] when we played the abnormal I sweared a lot
[Lupastic] xd
[Lupastic] cuz of the failz
[Echiko-] faszomba
[Lupastic] close ^^
[Lupastic] gg
[Corujao] close
[Corujao] hehe
[Echiko-] gg

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