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January 11, 2022, 11:17 PM
Absolute Beginner 902 in Mole Shopper before the game. Gained 57|59 points
Novice 1362 in Mole Shopper before the game. Lost 47|59 points

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1 - 2
11 - 10
1 - 2
12 - 10
Information Game scheme: Mole Shopper
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[GonZaLO] bo1 clanner
[Liav] enjoy
[GonZaLO] classic tus scheme
[GonZaLO] you know danie
[GonZaLO] ever since I got dressed as a mexican
[GonZaLO] I started seeing some racism
[GonZaLO] towards me
[danie1] how do you dress like a Mexicam?
[danie1] XD
[GonZaLO] I wear mexican flag
[GonZaLO] on AG#
[danie1] oh... I see
[GonZaLO] and people are sometimes rude
[danie1] I thought in the street or sth XD
[GonZaLO] they are like "mexicans are ...."
[GonZaLO] in priv messages
[GonZaLO] and I reply to them
[GonZaLO] "I am not even Mexican, dear mr racist"
[danie1] yeah. Some peaople hate mexicans... a lot
[GonZaLO] shit
[GonZaLO] that couldn't have ended other way
<<GonZaLO>> but you have good weapon for 138 guy )))
<<GonZaLO>> zooka
[GonZaLO] ulala
[GonZaLO] that hit hard
[Mycy] gj
[Liav] ty
<<GonZaLO>> block << ?
<<GonZaLO>> don't care about amnesio
<<GonZaLO>> we have tele
<<GonZaLO>> block <<
<<GonZaLO>> girder to block mycy? >>
[GonZaLO] gj
[Mycy] shotgie
<<GonZaLO>> that's super Over-powered
<<GonZaLO>> block <<<
<<GonZaLO>> pls block this gentleman >>>
<<GonZaLO>> but without giving him any stairs to the tunnel on left above him
<<GonZaLO>> tiny girder
[danie1] gj
<<GonZaLO>> one more pls pls ))
<<GonZaLO>> or...
<<GonZaLO>> actually make stairs
[danie1] wont get grider with Lanister
<<GonZaLO>> maybe teleport
<<GonZaLO>> to block?
<<GonZaLO>> above vegan?
<<GonZaLO>> Im thinking of using aqua
<<GonZaLO>> it might squeeze if it's calm
<<GonZaLO>> can you use aqua with stark?
[GonZaLO] that has to be well timed thou
<<GonZaLO>> or aqua ))
<<GonZaLO>> or LG
<<GonZaLO>> but not sure about LG
<<GonZaLO>> 2x backspace won't work 100%
<<GonZaLO>> maybe maybe 2x enter
<<GonZaLO>> nah, better use aqua
[GonZaLO] gj
<<GonZaLO>> there is no way he can escape once he enters
<<GonZaLO>> whattt??
<<GonZaLO>> he old or sth?
<<GonZaLO>> It looks like mission accomplished
<<GonZaLO>> you gotta ofc get outta there and leave that 78 guy down there so that he wastes turns trying to escape
<<GonZaLO>> use LG and roll to the rooftop ))
<<GonZaLO>> leave aqua for me
<<GonZaLO>> use grandma maybe
<<GonZaLO>> hard to say
[GonZaLO] ulalalal
[GonZaLO] shit
[GonZaLO] will they use LG too
[GonZaLO] hmm
[GonZaLO] either mycy or liav uses
<<GonZaLO>> what do we do
<<GonZaLO>> aqua sheep this guy
<<GonZaLO>> you have good hide over there
[danie1] sorry dude :(
[GonZaLO] awww
[Mycy] gg
[GonZaLO] wtf
[Liav] wd
[danie1] gg
[Mycy] come on
[Liav] :)
[Mycy] gg
[GonZaLO] gj
[Liav] gg

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