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Free #38
July 31, 2022, 05:35 PM
Absolute Beginner 927 in Forts before the game. Gained 40|43 points
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Forts before the game. Lost 43|43 points

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Information Game scheme: Forts
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Forts-S4 by SIBASA
1920 x 696, PNG, 18.26 KB, Downloaded 183 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[Lupastic`FS] joyz
[Echiko`FS] nice map
[Echiko`FS] you made it sibi?
[SIBASA] yes
[Echiko`FS] wow!
[Echiko`FS] how do you do these maps?
[SIBASA] i'm cpypaste picture)
[Echiko`FS] aaaaah
[SIBASA] and recolour
[SIBASA] phew
[Echiko`FS] aaaah
[Ledan`] :D
[Echiko`FS] phew
[Ledan`] close
[SIBASA] plop space
[Ledan`] how much power banana?
[Ledan`] i dont really know the scheme
[Echiko`FS] bravi
[Echiko`FS] bravo
[Lupastic`FS] its on power 1 i think
[Lupastic`FS] or 2
[Lupastic`FS] its nerfed down
[SIBASA] tus scheme
[Lupastic`FS] yep, not as effective as it should be (on purpose I guess)
[Ledan`] holy war
[Echiko`FS] f@#! the girder radius is short
[Echiko`FS] :)
[Echiko`FS] nice protection
[SIBASA] uff
[Lupastic`FS] vn :P
[Echiko`FS] wow!!!
[Lupastic`FS] this was effective :P good job <3
[Echiko`FS] thanks!
[Echiko`FS] that was luck!
[Ledan`] `awch
[Ledan`] ah shit hide
[Lupastic`FS] yep that will do it <3
[Ledan`] :O
[Echiko`FS] :O
[Lupastic`FS] holy f@#!
[Echiko`FS] you read my mind!
[SIBASA] nice
[Lupastic`FS] x$ ty
<<Ledan`>> yea
[Echiko`FS] ouch
[Ledan`] GOD
[Lupastic`FS] hwowwww
[Ledan`] gg
[SIBASA] omg
[Echiko`FS] ;)
[Lupastic`FS] very nice x$
[Echiko`FS] thought and done
[Echiko`FS] thanks
[Lupastic`FS] Shepherd Echiko
[Echiko`FS] lol
[Lupastic`FS] gathering the lamb of god
[Echiko`FS] this was not luck, this is something I learnt xD
[Echiko`FS] eh no D
[Ledan`] pixellll
[Echiko`FS] xD
[Lupastic`FS] xd epic save
[Echiko`FS] cazzo sto fort
[Echiko`FS] aaaah
[Lupastic`FS] omg dat jump
[Lupastic`FS] I pissed my pants a bit
[Echiko`FS] nice but damn that anthony didn't plop
[Echiko`FS] lol
[Echiko`FS] go and wash that
[Echiko`FS] I thought my laptop screen was dirty
[Lupastic`FS] nice
[Echiko`FS] ma vaffanculo
[SIBASA] oops
[Lupastic`FS] omg xd
[Lupastic`FS] Sibi bnger
[Echiko`FS] no ok xD
[Ledan`] damn this is still going on xd
[Echiko`FS] 0o
[Echiko`FS] weird flames
[Echiko`FS] che culo di merda quella sbarra
[Echiko`FS] bravo!
[Echiko`FS] dai che ce la si fa
[Lupastic`FS] :3 ty
[Lupastic`FS] wow so many "words" with 2 and 3 letters what is this, vietnamese?
[Echiko`FS] it's "come on we can do it
[Echiko`FS] cazzo
[Echiko`FS] awww
[Lupastic`FS] siba will 1v5 us? o:
[Lupastic`FS] OMG
[Lupastic`FS] xD
[Echiko`FS] gg
[Echiko`FS] this was luck
[Echiko`FS] xD
[SIBASA] no no no
[Echiko`FS] cmon lupastic!!!
[SIBASA] no lupa
[SIBASA] phew
[Lupastic`FS] nooo
[Echiko`FS] cmon you can do it!!!
[Lupastic`FS] this was the chance
[Lupastic`FS] :c
[Echiko`FS] aaaah
[Lupastic`FS] eh xD
[Echiko`FS] sibi jump on flames
[Echiko`FS] :)))
[SIBASA] rifky
[Echiko`FS] cmon lupastic!!!
[Lupastic`FS] xd i cant believe this
[Lupastic`FS] these angles
[Echiko`FS] no cazzo merda
[Echiko`FS] gg
[Echiko`FS] he will drown now :(
[Lupastic`FS] first one was too short
[Lupastic`FS] this was too hard
[Lupastic`FS] OMG
[Lupastic`FS] last pixel ofcourse XD
[Lupastic`FS] gg ><
[Echiko`FS] eh nvm
[Echiko`FS] gg

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