August 15, 2022, 03:09 PM

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Free #38
August 02, 2022, 02:51 PM
Absolute Beginner 903 in Super Sheep Race before the game. Gained 55|54 points
Russian Federation AQUA
Rookie 1227 in Super Sheep Race before the game. Lost 52|54 points

Information Game scheme: Super Sheep Race
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[vesuvio`] hfr
[Kirill-Gamer] 3
[vesuvio`] nie
[vesuvio`] nice
[vesuvio`] puuuuuuuuuuuuuunk !
[vesuvio`] :D
[Kirill-Gamer] 4
[Kirill-Gamer] 5
[vesuvio`] nice
[Kirill-Gamer] 6
[Kirill-Gamer] 7
[vesuvio`] nice
[Kirill-Gamer] t
[Kirill-Gamer] nice
[vesuvio`] ty
[Kirill-Gamer] 8
[Kirill-Gamer] good
[vesuvio`] t
[Kirill-Gamer] 9
[vesuvio`] nice
[Kirill-Gamer] t
[Kirill-Gamer] 11
[vesuvio`] nice
[Kirill-Gamer] t
[Kirill-Gamer] 12
[vesuvio`] WOW
[Kirill-Gamer] god
[vesuvio`] im hero pilot
[Kirill-Gamer] 13
[Kirill-Gamer] easy cowboy
[vesuvio`] xD
[Kirill-Gamer] 14
[Kirill-Gamer] 15
[vesuvio`] gj
[Kirill-Gamer] t
[Kirill-Gamer] 16
[Kirill-Gamer] ae 17
[Kirill-Gamer] sheep's drift
[Kirill-Gamer] good
[vesuvio`] :)(
[Kirill-Gamer] 18
[Kirill-Gamer] 19
[Kirill-Gamer] 20
[vesuvio`] nice
[Kirill-Gamer] t
[Kirill-Gamer] good
[vesuvio`] =)
[Kirill-Gamer] nice
[Kirill-Gamer] nope
[Kirill-Gamer] 21
[vesuvio`] omg
[Kirill-Gamer] 22
[Kirill-Gamer] hey
[vesuvio`] hey
[vesuvio`] i ll the sixt seal
[vesuvio`] allukat
[vesuvio`] pwoers
[Kirill-Gamer] gg
[vesuvio`] GG
[vesuvio`] rose and jack
[vesuvio`] ^^

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Game #233234, reported by popkiLL
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so i win it :P kirill is very good in this