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Free #2
January 05, 2009, 04:26 PM
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Normal/Intermediate before the game. Gained 50|50 points
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Normal/Intermediate before the game. Lost 26|26 points

Information Game scheme: Normal/Intermediate
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Game Map(s)

Random generated map by the game.
1920 x 696, LEV, 0.03 KB, Downloaded 12 time(s)

Random generated map by the game.
1920 x 696, LEV, 0.03 KB, Downloaded 10 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[ak-pp-pr] f
[Jakka`NNN`] Have Fun!
[dPxMonkeyIsland] HF
[obscure] hf
[dPxMonkeyIsland] n1
[obscure] gj
[Jakka`NNN`] tx
[dPxMonkeyIsland] -.-
[dPxMonkeyIsland] xD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] btw Inter is bo3 XD
[Jakka`NNN`] nap
[Jakka`NNN`] we know :O
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[dPxMonkeyIsland] bl
[dPxMonkeyIsland] sure you know XD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] nt
[ak-pp-pr] ebat'
[obscure] nt
[Jakka`NNN`] nah vashe
[Jakka`NNN`] ubivay kotorye ryadom
[Jakka`NNN`] im nuzhno tratit' verevy chtob vylezti
[Jakka`NNN`] nizhnimi
[Jakka`NNN`] a verhnii tebya srazu eboshut
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol why we whisper?
[dPxMonkeyIsland] we each can speak our language
[dPxMonkeyIsland] kik
[obscure] lol
[Jakka`NNN`] lol
[dPxMonkeyIsland] damn it
[obscure] ahsant
[obscure] XDbl
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[dPxMonkeyIsland] herse 25 taro zadam
[obscure] lol
[dPxMonkeyIsland] xD
[obscure] ridaml
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[obscure] man zoodtar goftam
[obscure] XD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] chera dynamit nazadi ?
[obscure] dir goftiXD
[obscure] ok
ak-pp-pr..Jakka`NNN`: awww
[dPxMonkeyIsland] :/
[obscure] gj
[dPxMonkeyIsland] n
[obscure] damit
[ak-pp-pr] t
[dPxMonkeyIsland] bad nabud
[obscure] khoobam naboodXD
[obscure] taviz nadaran dg?
[obscure] XD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] elena ro beband
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[ak-pp-pr] levee
[dPxMonkeyIsland] xD
[obscure] ridanemoon
[Jakka`NNN`] veter menya podstavil
[obscure] aha
[dPxMonkeyIsland] o0
[ak-pp-pr] ebnut sverhu?
[obscure] 1 shotgunehaXD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] what happend exactly ?
[Jakka`NNN`] otkrosya luchshe
[obscure] khoob bood begoo
[obscure] chap rast
[ak-pp-pr] begoo
[dPxMonkeyIsland] are bezan
[dPxMonkeyIsland] bezan
[obscure] f@#!
[dPxMonkeyIsland] -.-
[Jakka`NNN`] :O
[obscure] hadde aghal zendastXD
[Jakka`NNN`] I sneezed
[dPxMonkeyIsland] gg me XD
[obscure] gg
[obscure] harkate khoobi bood
[obscure] hala rahnamaee kon
[obscure] nemigire
[obscure] maxe
[obscure] bezanam?
[obscure] XD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] :D
[Jakka`NNN`] gg pr
[ak-pp-pr] gg
[obscure] gg
[dPxMonkeyIsland] gg
[obscure] faghat alan age ino nakoshe
[Jakka`NNN`] gg
[ak-pp-pr] gg
[dPxMonkeyIsland] gg
[dPxMonkeyIsland] nice :D
[obscure] gg:|

[dPxMonkeyIsland] what clan ?
[ak-pp-pr] my second
[Jakka`NNN`] psychadelic parents
[ak-pp-pr] lmao
[dPxMonkeyIsland] xD
[Jakka`NNN`] aff
[ak-pp-pr] nk
[dPxMonkeyIsland] t
[Jakka`NNN`] vpizdu
[dPxMonkeyIsland] omg
[ak-pp-pr] stay there XD
[obscure] wtf
[dPxMonkeyIsland] goooooo
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lolc
[dPxMonkeyIsland] chera space nemizadi ?
[obscure] 5 bar zadam chat baz boodXD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] man space zadam
[obscure] lol
[dPxMonkeyIsland] LG ?
[ak-pp-pr] pizdets
[obscure] gj
[Jakka`NNN`] retreaty u nas ahuennye
[ak-pp-pr] ye
[obscure] eival
[obscure] do ta gav haroomesh konam?
[dPxMonkeyIsland] gavemun koja bud? X
[ak-pp-pr] vniz nado idti?
[ak-pp-pr] a pohuy
[obscure] oona dafe ghabl az koja dashtan?
[Jakka`NNN`] pohuy
[obscure] aha makhsooseshoon bood
[ak-pp-pr] blo4it verhnego?
[Jakka`NNN`] ne
[ak-pp-pr] ne
[Jakka`NNN`] gut
[ak-pp-pr] aw
[dPxMonkeyIsland] knew it :/
[Jakka`NNN`] hueva zabykalsya
[ak-pp-pr] pohuy
[dPxMonkeyIsland] velesh
[dPxMonkeyIsland] kon
[obscure] kheili takhayoli bood vagarna khodam mikhastam bezanam
[dPxMonkeyIsland] az biharekat vaystadan behtar bud
[obscure] bisharaf
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[obscure] n
[dPxMonkeyIsland] vn
[ak-pp-pr] t
[dPxMonkeyIsland] sho
[obscure] nadarim
[dPxMonkeyIsland] omidvaram injuri BnG bazi nakoni
[obscure] XD
[Jakka`NNN`] pro?
[ak-pp-pr] lol
[Jakka`NNN`] ya pro retreat
[Jakka`NNN`] pervyj za igru kotoryj poluchilsya
[ak-pp-pr] ye
[ak-pp-pr] kiday
[ak-pp-pr] XD
[Jakka`NNN`] lmao da
[ak-pp-pr] sverhu
[ak-pp-pr] XD
[Jakka`NNN`] ya i hotel
[Jakka`NNN`] xD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] what ?
[dPxMonkeyIsland] xD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] how did you change your special weap during the game?
[ak-pp-pr] hax?
[ak-pp-pr] ;D
[Jakka`NNN`] we have two teams
[Jakka`NNN`] and different spec weap in each
[Jakka`NNN`] so its random
[dPxMonkeyIsland] oh random
[Jakka`NNN`] it changes between the 2 of ours
[dPxMonkeyIsland] I got it :)
[dPxMonkeyIsland] rofl
[obscure] gg
[dPxMonkeyIsland] that was invis
[dPxMonkeyIsland] gg
[Jakka`NNN`] vyhse
[ak-pp-pr] eh
[ak-pp-pr] gg
[Jakka`NNN`] vyshe
[Jakka`NNN`] XD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] BnG
[Jakka`NNN`] gg
[Jakka`NNN`] you host?

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