September 23, 2023, 05:18 AM

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Default #21, Allround #20
September 20, 2022, 09:47 PM
Rookie 1260 in Team17 before the game. Gained 40|30 points more
Absolute Beginner 1056 in Team17 before the game. Lost 27|30 points more

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3 - 4
10 - 9
8 - 5
23 - 12
Information Game scheme: Team17
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Random generated map by the game.
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Random generated map by the game.
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Game Chat(s)
[VoK`TdC] hf
[`ob-Mega`Adnan`] funs
[TdC`StJimmy] gl hf aee
[G-Zalo] what is that
[G-Zalo] bro
[`ob-Mega`Adnan`] i will make breakfast before sleeping :D
[`ob-Mega`Adnan`] brb
[vesuvio`] somehow i could not set the girder x.x
[vesuvio`] XD
[vesuvio`] its just he leaves ghast there to die
[vesuvio`] pistol again ?
[vesuvio`] this is not normal
[VoK`TdC] good you tell it to uss
[vesuvio`] em is sumthing wrong with this shemee ?
[vesuvio`] we pick f3 shit only
[VoK`TdC] blocked
[vesuvio`] ..
[vesuvio`] im done for this evening
[vesuvio`] ^^^^^
[VoK`TdC] voking stupid aimal
[`ob-Mega`Adnan`] edgy tuesday
[G-Zalo] wtf
[vesuvio`] x.x
[TdC`StJimmy] o0
[G-Zalo] what on earth
[vesuvio`] oh god
[G-Zalo] just tele up
[G-Zalo] you drunk
[TdC`StJimmy] lol drunk wars
[vesuvio`] chillex
[vesuvio`] it happens to the best..
[TdC`StJimmy] not enuf
[TdC`StJimmy] lags
[`ob-Mega`Adnan`] lags
[G-Zalo] hmm
[VoK`TdC] vok you
`ob-Mega`Adnan` [edgy drunk chewsday innit]
TdC`StJimmy [kemon goe fait]
[TdC`StJimmy] u seem to be afraid of water
[ob-Blitz0r`zar] will we have time to clanner even
[ob-Blitz0r`zar] we'll see i guess
[vesuvio`] its nothing to do
[ob-Blitz0r`zar] i'll play sock tus
[ob-Blitz0r`zar] but i wont quit
[ob-Blitz0r`zar] cuz
[ob-Blitz0r`zar] late in game
[VoK`TdC] gg
[TdC`StJimmy] lol
[TdC`StJimmy] gg
[VoK`TdC] or not :D
[ob-Blitz0r`zar] nubs
[G-Zalo] ehhh
[TdC`StJimmy] i go wc
[vesuvio`] gg
[TdC`StJimmy] lol dibz

[vesuvio`] hf
[TdC`StJimmy] gl hf aeee
[VoK`TdC] hf
[VoK`TdC] n timing
[G-Zalo] ty
[vesuvio`] n1
[G-Zalo] vn
[vesuvio`] ty :o
[vesuvio`] we not so lucky in weapons zalo x.x
[vesuvio`] MOLE needs no luck !
[vesuvio`] only good teamwork ;P
[vesuvio`] k
[VoK`TdC] we get this dont worry
[G-Zalo] more to left?
[vesuvio`] im so awesome !
[G-Zalo] vgj
[VoK`TdC] ns
[vesuvio`] drunkenmonkey !
[vesuvio`] drunkenarts
[vesuvio`] xD
[vesuvio`] im kidden cause u said it
[vesuvio`] wow my turn was okay .. even with only a mine mole is dangerous ;P
[vesuvio`] vn
[VoK`TdC] hmm
[G-Zalo] hmmm
[vesuvio`] lets see
[G-Zalo] heh
[TdC`StJimmy] aw
[G-Zalo] it's okay
[G-Zalo] too tight
[G-Zalo] too tight
[G-Zalo] too tight...
[G-Zalo] told you...
[TdC`StJimmy] u thicc
[vesuvio`] .
[vesuvio`] build a girder for ur worm to oki ^.^ now u did a great mistake too
[TdC`StJimmy] gg
[vesuvio`] WHAT
[VoK`TdC] aw
[VoK`TdC] was it lucky fail :D
[vesuvio`] noob me
[vesuvio`] =(
[TdC`StJimmy] drunken masters got their mistakes late
[G-Zalo] I can't believe he did that
[G-Zalo] I just can't
[G-Zalo] how can you ruin a chance so bad :/
[vesuvio`] =/
[TdC`StJimmy] gg
[VoK`TdC] omg
[TdC`StJimmy] epic battle
[vesuvio`] yes
[vesuvio`] but i was noob here
[vesuvio`] :D
[VoK`TdC] gg
[vesuvio`] sorry zalo
[TdC`StJimmy] i need a cig lol
[TdC`StJimmy] brb 5-6 mins
[G-Zalo] I even told you you would miss

[VoK`TdC] hf
[TdC`StJimmy] gl hf aee
[vesuvio`] hf
[G-Zalo] crate
[G-Zalo] Marv
[G-Zalo] + parachute
[VoK`TdC] >
[vesuvio`] but its early enough top open i think
[TdC`StJimmy] it is
[VoK`TdC] comoon
[VoK`TdC] voking barrel
[TdC`StJimmy] oh
[TdC`StJimmy] 1-way
[G-Zalo] ye
[VoK`TdC] >
[TdC`StJimmy] wtf
[vesuvio`] oh ???
[G-Zalo] okay....
[vesuvio`] DRUNK
[vesuvio`] completly drunk !
[G-Zalo] it was your teammate!
[vesuvio`] _NICE
[VoK`TdC] ye
[vesuvio`] see now i can handle missles !
[vesuvio`] last game not
[vesuvio`] now i can
[vesuvio`] i never did such a shot before
[vesuvio`] damn people that missle :o
[vesuvio`] and no 1 said nice
[TdC`StJimmy] we just want this to end lol
[TdC`StJimmy] so focused
[VoK`TdC] ok hf there
[vesuvio`] !
[vesuvio`] it is
[TdC`StJimmy] u go to vegas
[vesuvio`] that s what happen if u insult me :P
[TdC`StJimmy] gg
[VoK`TdC] omg
[G-Zalo] oh damn
[VoK`TdC] mates
[VoK`TdC] gg
[TdC`StJimmy] vbl
[vesuvio`] gg

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