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TTL #3
December 27, 2022, 06:15 PM
United States CKC DOS
Novice 1317 in TUS Team17 before the game. Gained 34|34 points
Slovenia SfX REM b2b
Inexperienced 1206 in TUS Team17 before the game. Lost 33|34 points

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2 - 2
13 - 8
Information Game scheme: TUS Team17
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Game Chat(s)
[NogardDerNaerok] Oh, haha.
[NogardDerNaerok] But that's a good thing!
[Deadcode] hf!
[NogardDerNaerok] Ye tew.
[Deadcode] Glad I don't have one of your worms here, with that scary mine.
[Deadcode] you should have piled yourself with me.
[Deadcode] Now I have a workaround.
[NogardDerNaerok] Scary.
[NogardDerNaerok] Well done.
[Deadcode] whew.
[Deadcode] had a lot to do there.
[Deadcode] Heart is beating like mad.
[Deadcode] Busy first turn.
[NogardDerNaerok] Hop.
[NogardDerNaerok] Humperdoo.
[Deadcode] Mmmm, nt.
[NogardDerNaerok] I didn't like being on the left side there, with you near me.
[NogardDerNaerok] Whew.
[Deadcode] Interesting.
[NogardDerNaerok] There must have been a way.
[NogardDerNaerok] Nice.
[Deadcode] Thanks.
[Deadcode] Ooh, nice way up.
[Deadcode] Touché.
[NogardDerNaerok] Your crates are extremely scary.
[NogardDerNaerok] A lot of damage between them. D:
[Deadcode] Phew
[NogardDerNaerok] Could have gone better.
[NogardDerNaerok] Ow.
[Deadcode] Did you notice I had that? When I was pressing F9 to select my flamethrower?
[NogardDerNaerok] Hmmm.
[Deadcode] Hmmm
[Deadcode] Nice try!
[Deadcode] Oh
[Deadcode] nice setup actually
[NogardDerNaerok] Yeah, wanted you down there...
<<Deadcode>> Didn't use Dynamite so as not to open to your mobile worm...
<<Deadcode>> Aaaaand it's already open, silly me.
[Deadcode] Hmmm
[NogardDerNaerok] Could try and sacrifice yourself.
[NogardDerNaerok] But probably no need.
[NogardDerNaerok] Ow.
<<Deadcode>> I wonder if I should have let Out of bounds take the grave damage point blank.
[Deadcode] Yep, I should've let him take the grave damage point blank.
[Deadcode] I hate doing that, but I should hvae.
[Deadcode] *have
[NogardDerNaerok] It is often hard to justify, yep.
[NogardDerNaerok] I feel like oyu attacked for solid damage every turn of this round, haha.
[Deadcode] After the initial crate-getting and mobility-setting-up.
[Deadcode] Hmmm
[NogardDerNaerok] Let's find out how dead I am.
[NogardDerNaerok] Not very. Not yet.
[Deadcode] This may have been a mistake. You can sheep me now...
[NogardDerNaerok] Or you me...
[Deadcode] If I blowtorch open to you, you can donkey me :-\
[Deadcode] if you have it
[Deadcode] Whereas if I just wait you out, you'll run out of home.
[NogardDerNaerok] Home is where the heart is, etc.
[NogardDerNaerok] Ooh, I like this.
[Deadcode] Clever.
[NogardDerNaerok] Starting to run out of them now.
[Deadcode] Sheep Strike can now finish me off.
[NogardDerNaerok] I think I have to go for it now.
[NogardDerNaerok] Hm, well.
[NogardDerNaerok] Yeah. Yeah I do.
[Deadcode] Oh shit.
[Deadcode] Napalm.
[NogardDerNaerok] Crap.
[Deadcode] Phew, nt.
[NogardDerNaerok] Should have been righter.
[NogardDerNaerok] G'game!
[Deadcode] gg!
[NogardDerNaerok] I also had mine strike, lulz.
[Deadcode] Mmmm.

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