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TTL #3
December 29, 2022, 12:43 AM
Slovenia SfX REM b2b
Rookie 1231 in TUS Team17 before the game. Gained 39|38 points
Inexperienced 1194 in TUS Team17 before the game. Lost 30|38 points

Information Game scheme: TUS Team17
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[hollow] hf
[NogardDerNaerok] Ye tew.
[TdCxSenator] what do u mean? Im league mod on tus so I can fix reports
[NogardDerNaerok] Is my volume low...
[NogardDerNaerok] No, I just can't hear because I have water in ears.
[NogardDerNaerok] Well but can you fix this, Sen?
[NogardDerNaerok] Dammit.
[NogardDerNaerok] 'Nother early one.
[NogardDerNaerok] Omg.
[NogardDerNaerok] That's the wrong button, hollow.
[hollow] lmfao i pressed SPACE
[NogardDerNaerok] :D
[hollow] SPACE
[NogardDerNaerok] I swear I've done thta before too.
[NogardDerNaerok] When trying to do it from the long rope.
[NogardDerNaerok] And now I have PTSD.
[hollow] remember to use the repeat swing of the rope
[NogardDerNaerok] :D :D :D
[NogardDerNaerok] I love that it killed you.
[hollow] haha so dumb
[NogardDerNaerok] Funny though.
[NogardDerNaerok] But the pigeon could have been amazing too.
[NogardDerNaerok] If it'd plopped me.
[TdCxSenator] well I could delete those reports and report again. but Im asking MI what to do
[NogardDerNaerok] Right yeah, okay.
[NogardDerNaerok] Damn.
[TdCxSenator] either way I think my win streak counter is now broken
[NogardDerNaerok] I don't know why I wanted the skunk so badly.
[TdCxSenator] it says I have 12 win streak. it should be 10. so it's counting 2 wins against "hollow" and 2 wins against "DoctorAndonuts"
[NogardDerNaerok] MI should have some manual fixes available to him, I guess.
[NogardDerNaerok] Hm so you're on uzi, pigeon, two other weapons?
[hollow] fire punch, dragon ball, prod, drill
[NogardDerNaerok] Rude.
NogardDerNaerok..TdCxSenator: 4/5 F1 weapons.
[hollow] get the fail clip ready
[NogardDerNaerok] You wouldn't.
[NogardDerNaerok] Omg, no way.
[NogardDerNaerok] Yeah, don't even try. :D
[NogardDerNaerok] I mena, the fire gets me...
[hollow] 70, 66
[NogardDerNaerok] Kinda ouch.
[NogardDerNaerok] Awkward.
[hollow] not sure if that fits tbh
[NogardDerNaerok] Yeah no, never.
[hollow] fat bird
[hollow] i use hope and pray strategy
[NogardDerNaerok] There's worse ones out there.
[NogardDerNaerok] Going for 120 damage punch?
[hollow] lol did not know that's a thing
[hollow] boy would i be surprised
[NogardDerNaerok] Not there it isn't!
[NogardDerNaerok] Too much invested into those girders, must use them.
[NogardDerNaerok] Oh, nice.
[NogardDerNaerok] Yeah, didn't open.
[hollow] you must have so much shit
[NogardDerNaerok] Shit is correct.
[NogardDerNaerok] Can't get that crate...
[hollow] hahah
[NogardDerNaerok] My inventory actually looks ridiculous, I wish you could see it Sen.
[NogardDerNaerok] Oh, hah.
[hollow] nice block
[hollow] yea, i should go eat after
NogardDerNaerok..TdCxSenator: I've had 9 F1 weapons so far, I think. 9 or 10.
[NogardDerNaerok] Alright.
[hollow] hahaha f@#! see
NogardDerNaerok..TdCxSenator: And 2 skunks, mine, bat, mole, air strike.
[NogardDerNaerok] :D
[NogardDerNaerok] Hm, how about...
[NogardDerNaerok] Idiot.
[TdCxSenator] it's not boom race
[NogardDerNaerok] Every scheme is Boom Race if you're brave enough.
[NogardDerNaerok] Phew.
[NogardDerNaerok] MY CRATES ARE SO SHIT.
[NogardDerNaerok] You going full Jakety Sax is helping though.
[hollow] yea, played very poorly
[hollow] dunno who jakety sax is
[hollow] gg
[NogardDerNaerok] I had like 1 F1 weapons.
[NogardDerNaerok] G'game.
[NogardDerNaerok] Like 11.
[NogardDerNaerok] I mena.
[hollow] hahaha

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