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January 20, 2023, 09:08 PM
Inexperienced 1206 in Team17 before the game. Gained 50|38 points more
Inexperienced 1177 in Team17 before the game. Lost 35|38 points more

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28 - 30
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37 - 66
Information Game scheme: Team17
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[vesuvio`] hf
[dP-blitz0r`zar] hf
[KinslayeR`dP] sleep with wife is better than playing worms
[vesuvio`] WTF
KinslayeR`dP [if i am gay, i pick zalo]
[KinslayeR`dP] nice roping
[vesuvio`] lets rh
[vesuvio`] XD
[KinslayeR`dP] lol
[KinslayeR`dP] first turn rule?
[Zalo-the-moler] nah kins
[Zalo-the-moler] FK YEAH
[vesuvio`] awesome
[vesuvio`] nice man
[KinslayeR`dP] no
[vesuvio`] we wont need the rope
[Zalo-the-moler] OFC AWESOME
[KinslayeR`dP] ok rh
[vesuvio`] =)
[vesuvio`] rh zalo ?
[dP-blitz0r`zar] brasseur
[vesuvio`] so nice the holy
[Zalo-the-moler] oh come on, even before that Holy I said "Nah kins"
[dP-blitz0r`zar] avec savoir
[vesuvio`] i asked for a round we lose by vbl
[vesuvio`] wtf
[vesuvio`] that was vbl
[vesuvio`] !
[Zalo-the-moler] :S
[vesuvio`] now we can lose
[Zalo-the-moler] but he has bad wind
[Zalo-the-moler] to climb lamp
[Zalo-the-moler] only you were pro enough
[Zalo-the-moler] to climb it
[vesuvio`] im angry
[vesuvio`] take amnesio
[vesuvio`] cr8
[vesuvio`] see what it is
[vesuvio`] attack figgy
[vesuvio`] plz
[vesuvio`] plz king zalo
[vesuvio`] if i was gay i d chose u
[vesuvio`] no
[vesuvio`] it was not
[vesuvio`] and i knew it
[vesuvio`] u kill figgy plz king zalo
[vesuvio`] with missle
[vesuvio`] if u need too
[Zalo-the-moler] dRAGON WILL REACH?
[vesuvio`] or jump forward and dragon bakll =P
[vesuvio`] jump forward
[vesuvio`] NO _NOT _IN REACH
[vesuvio`] only with jump fowrard
[vesuvio`] VN
[vesuvio`] i learn things with u
[Zalo-the-moler] dont
[Zalo-the-moler] GIVE
[Zalo-the-moler] HIM STAIRS
[Zalo-the-moler] WE ARE DAMN LUCKY
[Zalo-the-moler] THAT WIND WAS TO LEFT
[Zalo-the-moler] OR U WOULD END BADLY BRO
[Zalo-the-moler] I HAD GOOD HIDE
[vesuvio`] vn
[Zalo-the-moler] ofc very nice
[vesuvio`] ur holy and that 1
[vesuvio`] nice
[Zalo-the-moler] -46
[vesuvio`] that wont work
[vesuvio`] ok
[vesuvio`] justr minigun the shit out of him
[vesuvio`] or collect a ming vase pzl
[Zalo-the-moler] GOOD?
[Zalo-the-moler] OR TOO CLOSE?
[vesuvio`] ye
[vesuvio`] no
[vesuvio`] good
[vesuvio`] come on
[vesuvio`] third perfect turn
[Zalo-the-moler] WHAT
[vesuvio`] <3
[vesuvio`] i love u
[Zalo-the-moler] TY
[Zalo-the-moler] FK THAT CRATE
[vesuvio`] ^.^
[vesuvio`] ok
[vesuvio`] !
[vesuvio`] k
[vesuvio`] np
[vesuvio`] nice
[vesuvio`] my worm is
[vesuvio`] save
[vesuvio`] from that
[Zalo-the-moler] HURRY HE HAS AQUA MAYBE
[vesuvio`] GG
[vesuvio`] :)
[vesuvio`] GG
[vesuvio`] if zalo stzops his weird michael jacvkson show
[vesuvio`] nice
[vesuvio`] 4 perfect one
[vesuvio`] <3
[vesuvio`] thx zalo
[vesuvio`] nice

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