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Game #235952, reported by vesuvio, Viewed 369 Time(s)

TTL #4
February 24, 2023, 05:02 PM

Average 1466 in TUS Team17 before the game. Gained 13|12 points

Absolute Beginner 751 in TUS Team17 before the game. Lost 14|12 points

Game Rate
Not rated yet
Players history
12 - 0
14 - 0
Information Game scheme: TUS Team17
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Downloaded 67 time(s).
Game Awards
This game hasn't been nominated for any awards.
Random generated map by the game.
1920 x 696, LEV, 0.04 KB, Downloaded 3 time(s)
Game Chat(s)
[vesuvio`] hf
[Ledan] GL HF
[vesuvio`] !"
[vesuvio`] this gonna be hard king shit
[vesuvio`] im drunk
[vesuvio`] DEADC0DE is the king right now
[Ledan] that would have been good
[Ledan] but so close
[vesuvio`] im a magician
[vesuvio`] drinking wodka
[vesuvio`] its hard to take this paine 4 ever
[vesuvio`] and u wont find no body better
[vesuvio`] BABY i would die for4 u
[vesuvio`] the distance and the time between ous
[vesuvio`] i would never change may mind
[vesuvio`] wtf 2 times email
[Ledan] ono
[Ledan] disaster
[Ledan] gg
[Ledan] :O
[Ledan] saved
[vesuvio`] 0o
[vesuvio`] GG
[Ledan] gg

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