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Rope #24, Allround #23
May 03, 2023, 06:55 PM
Absolute Beginner 1046 in TTRR before the game. Gained 39|39 points more
Absolute Beginner 1039 in TTRR before the game. Lost 39|39 points more

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Information Game scheme: TTRR
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[dj-nuta`zar] hf gl
[mic] add times after finishing
[ICB`beerbelly`] "hf"
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] Funs
[Stoner] funfun BAD LUCK
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] suck suck suck
[Stoner] we need all the luck sorry
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] jizz jizz jizz
[ICB`beerbelly`] yes this will suck
[ICB`beerbelly`] I mean be fun
[ICB`beerbelly`] I love ttrr
[Stoner] how dafuq should i go out of this palce
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] i suck in ttrr
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] d:
[Stoner] can i plop them all and then take 30 min to finish it?
[mic] forgot ctrl+home xd
[Stoner] NICE
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] tae
[mic] shadow start or go from left
[ICB`beerbelly`] ?
[ICB`beerbelly`] oh yeh
[dj-nuta`zar] uh
[Stoner] XD
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] use the shadow rope troick
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] xd
[dj-nuta`zar] or start grabbing to the right
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] awewe
[ICB`beerbelly`] NO WE DONT
[ICB`beerbelly`] I mean yes WE HAVE
[ICB`beerbelly`] we just need to finish xd
[Stoner] xdddd
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] "finish"
[mic] 42
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] :}
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] ae
[Stoner] ...
[dj-nuta`zar] ah
[Stoner] hehehehehehh
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] :O
[dj-nuta`zar] :D
[ICB`beerbelly`] I love this scheme`zar: need to finish a worm bro, take it ez
[Stoner] xddd
[mic] xd
[Stoner] i love it better
[ICB`beerbelly`] no I love it betterer
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] betterest
[Stoner] bah
[mic] bl
[Stoner] xdd
[Stoner] what happens with my worm
[Stoner] i sholud finish the race with it?
[ICB`beerbelly`] nah
[mic] gj
[dj-nuta`zar] 56
[dj-nuta`zar] tx
[Stoner] come on belly!
[mic] 42+56 = 98
[Stoner] aaaaa
[ICB`beerbelly`] this scheme is impossible
[ICB`beerbelly`] I love it tho
[Stoner] xd
[Stoner] sick f@#!errrrrrr
[mic] ae
[Stoner] how can he do that?
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] ae
[ICB`beerbelly`] some cheats I think
[Stoner] dklshdasdjklsldaislaskjaskldjas
[Stoner] -,hmrtñyh}.-,hdr
[ICB`beerbelly`] aa
[Stoner] i dont love it i actually hate it
[ICB`beerbelly`] no worries I was lying too
[ICB`beerbelly`] I don't love it`zar: can you report? ill brb, wc
dj-nuta`zar..mic: ok
[ICB`beerbelly`] gg this was fun
[dj-nuta`zar] gg
[Stoner] gg
[mic] gg`zar: ty
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] gg

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