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Default #24, Allround #23
May 03, 2023, 09:56 PM
In Cold Blood
Absolute Beginner 984 in BnG before the game. Gained 41|41 points more
dispensing justice
Absolute Beginner 1025 in BnG before the game. Lost 41|41 points more

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3 - 4
4 - 5
3 - 6
7 - 8
Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[mic] hf
[dj-nuta`zar] hf gl
[ICB`beerbelly`] hf
[icb`Rocket-a2a] gl ;p
[ICB`beerbelly`] oh this map looks interesting
[mic] n
[dj-nuta`zar] t
[dj-nuta`zar] aww
[dj-nuta`zar] n
[mic] ty
[mic] ae
[dj-nuta`zar] ah
[mic] mb tele xd
[icb`Rocket-a2a] eh :(
[mic] xd
[icb`Rocket-a2a] xD
[mic] im ruining your fun kinda
[mic] destroying the toys around xD
[ICB`beerbelly`] don't destroy my toys
[ICB`beerbelly`] ns
[icb`Rocket-a2a] t
[icb`Rocket-a2a] roller 3 sec xd
[icb`Rocket-a2a] eh
[mic] nt
[ICB`beerbelly`] ooh
[icb`Rocket-a2a] for now it's just mic vs me and beer... and nuta getting into position :D
[ICB`beerbelly`] n
[mic] gg
[icb`Rocket-a2a] shoot
[icb`Rocket-a2a] goshhh
[mic] dafuq xd
[ICB`beerbelly`] n1
[icb`Rocket-a2a] ruining ur fun as well xD
[mic] u too good bro
[mic] i need to train xd
[icb`Rocket-a2a] gg
[ICB`beerbelly`] gg
[mic] gg
[dj-nuta`zar] gg
[icb`Rocket-a2a] u are free :D
[dj-nuta`zar] yeay
[icb`Rocket-a2a] I love beer covering my back
[ICB`beerbelly`] yes wasting all our rockets here
[ICB`beerbelly`] :D
[mic] one more clanner after?
[icb`Rocket-a2a] dunno yet
[dj-nuta`zar] im up
[ICB`beerbelly`] if no roping schemes I would be down if yes then need to find some replacement xd
[ICB`beerbelly`] but guess I cannot pick all schemes so is fine
[ICB`beerbelly`] damn
[icb`Rocket-a2a] 30 mins already wow
[icb`Rocket-a2a] almost
[mic] yesteday i think we played almost 50
[mic] with blitz and billy
[icb`Rocket-a2a] insane
[ICB`beerbelly`] oh yeah clock that much already not sure if anymore games D:
[mic] yeah kinda getting late
[mic] did you watch the sls yet?
[ICB`beerbelly`] nah I was "workin" on "music"
[mic] ah cool cool
[mic] send some after
[icb`Rocket-a2a] reaim ne1? :D
[ICB`beerbelly`] oh true rocket
[icb`Rocket-a2a] REAIMNE1 xD
[ICB`beerbelly`] hey thats a bit illegall
[ICB`beerbelly`] !
[ICB`beerbelly`] nuta!
[dj-nuta`zar] wdym
[dj-nuta`zar] im nobobo
[ICB`beerbelly`] you need to re aim your shot after every turn
[dj-nuta`zar] oh
[icb`Rocket-a2a] np there, just follow the rules :)
[ICB`beerbelly`] can't just repeat same shot
[dj-nuta`zar] ok sry
[icb`Rocket-a2a] u can repeat it, but reaim first
[ICB`beerbelly`] yeah thats what I ment
[dj-nuta`zar] this posi
[dj-nuta`zar] )
[icb`Rocket-a2a] gg
[dj-nuta`zar] gg
[dj-nuta`zar] n1
[ICB`beerbelly`] gg
[ICB`beerbelly`] n
[icb`Rocket-a2a] thx for games bros