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TTL #5
May 27, 2023, 06:41 PM

Novice 1366 in TUS Team17 before the game. Gained 20|14 points

Absolute Beginner 697 in TUS Team17 before the game. Lost 20|14 points

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Information Game scheme: TUS Team17
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Game Chat(s)
[Lupastic`uwu] enjoy
[Ledan] phew
[Lupastic`uwu] omg..
[Lupastic`uwu] wasted like this
[Ledan] ag
[Ledan] what
[Lupastic`uwu] eyy
[Lupastic`uwu] :c
[Lupastic`uwu] no free
[Lupastic`uwu] wanted to just barely free it
[Lupastic`uwu] without max dmg
[Lupastic`uwu] weeeeeeeeee
[Ledan] 600
[Lupastic`uwu] approx yeah : ]
[Ledan] im scared
[Lupastic`uwu] I picked up many crates indeed : > I have some crazy shit
[Ledan] ooh a crate finally
[Ledan] plz be arma
[Ledan] its mortat
[Lupastic`uwu] :d hehe
[Lupastic`uwu] Mortar Combat
[Lupastic`uwu] gg ^^
[Ledan] gg