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Allround #23
Clanners, Playoffs
June 04, 2023, 08:35 PM
In Cold Blood
Absolute Beginner 859 in BnG before the game. Gained 0|0 points
dispensing justice
Inexperienced 1155 in BnG before the game. Lost 0|0 points

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Not rated yet
Players history
3 - 4
4 - 5
3 - 15
11 - 18
Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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1920 x 696, BIT, 1.04 KB, Downloaded 136 time(s)
Game Chat(s)
[icb`Rocket-a2a] hf
[mic] hf
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] funs
[nlF`BigBilly] hf
[sW`Blasko`ICB] hf
[Shtaket] вcë мaжтe пoпy
icb`Rocket-a2a..Shtaket: ���� ��py ��a��a������o
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: ��o��oe��y ��a
[icb`Rocket-a2a] n double
[Shtaket] кeгли ëбaныe
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: ��o ��������cy ��ac�� ������po ��yc���� ����ac��o ��e��ae��
icb`Rocket-a2a..Shtaket: + ��e �� ��e ����a��)
[mic] bossman?
[icb`Rocket-a2a] afk?
[icb`Rocket-a2a] all skip?
[icb`Rocket-a2a] fairplay
[mic] nah
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: ��e ���� ��a��o�� ��o��p����
[sW`Blasko`ICB] ok so I go
[icb`Rocket-a2a] yes
icb`Rocket-a2a..Shtaket: ��ec��a ��pa
[mic] ye
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: ��o�� ��e��e ��o��pa��a �������� �� ��e��e
[mic] n1
[dj-blitz0r`zar] t
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] noice
[nlF`BigBilly] ns
[icb`Rocket-a2a] vn
[icb`Rocket-a2a] premature explosion
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] fap fap fap
[dj-blitz0r`zar] ops
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: ��a ��oxo��y ��a��o ��a������a���� ��a�� ��pa��������
icb`Rocket-a2a..Shtaket: ������������ ��a��, �� ��epe��o po����������
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: ��o��py��o��y ���� ��a��
[Shtaket] ns
[mic] brahhhh, im so trash xD
icb`Rocket-a2a..Shtaket: ������o ��y��e ��oc�� ������y ��x��, xo��e�� �� ���������������� c��po��y��a����? a��o �� B����o��, ������������ x�� ��e ������. ��pe��a ��������a����
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] otayy
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: ������ ��e����e������ y ��e��o a����e���� ��a ��o����po��e o�� ��e yc��e��ae��
[mic] papi
[mic] halp
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: o���� ��y��y�� ����oe��y��y�� ��ap��y ��pa����
[mic] gg
[nlF`BigBilly] ns
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] ah damn
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] gg
[nlF`BigBilly] gg
[sW`Blasko`ICB] gg
icb`Rocket-a2a..Shtaket: �� ��poc��o x��, ����oc�� ��c�� ����p�� ��pa���� ca��o��y ��e ��o����������o. ��a��a������ ��e xo��e����c�� ��a ��op��o�� ������a����
[mic] ye incredible
[icb`Rocket-a2a] gg
[mic] i tip my hat
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: ����o ����e��o����
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] i was gonna say move a bit to left
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] :D
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: �� ��e ��po������ ��o ��e ����e��o����
[mic] now i can rest in smokes
icb`Rocket-a2a..Shtaket: ���� ��pa������ ��y��
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] rest in otayy
[dj-blitz0r`zar] hm
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] vn
[dj-blitz0r`zar] sry
[dj-blitz0r`zar] :d
[dj-blitz0r`zar] t
[sW`Blasko`ICB] xD
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] ae
[`Mega`Adnan-dj`] wakey
[icb`Rocket-a2a] wow
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: �� ��o��yp������ ����c��o��y
[icb`Rocket-a2a] ???
[mic] ns
[dj-blitz0r`zar] t
[icb`Rocket-a2a] n1
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: ��o��e�� e����y ��ce��a���� ��o��e����
icb`Rocket-a2a..Shtaket: +
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: ������ ��a����y
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: ��a����y e��y ��p����e��c�� ��e�������� ��o����������
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: ��o��
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: angle
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: n
[icb`Rocket-a2a] n1
[dj-blitz0r`zar] t
[dj-blitz0r`zar] gg
[nlF`BigBilly] gg
[sW`Blasko`ICB] gg
[Shtaket] чyть yгoл
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: ��e������ o�� ��p��c��pe������c��
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: ��a��a��
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: a ec���� 3 ��poc��o �� ��oc��������ee
[nlF`BigBilly] o_o
[dj-blitz0r`zar] wild
[icb`Rocket-a2a] hm
Shtaket..icb`Rocket-a2a: ��o��po��y�� ��e�� ����o�� ��a����
[icb`Rocket-a2a] gg
[dj-blitz0r`zar] gg
[nlF`BigBilly] ns
[nlF`BigBilly] gg
[dj-blitz0r`zar] brb
[sW`Blasko`ICB] gg