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Default #30, Allround #29
March 31, 2024, 11:09 PM
Absolute Beginner 969 in Aerial before the game. Gained 36|41 points more
Absolute Beginner 995 in Aerial before the game. Lost 41|41 points more

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Information Game scheme: Aerial
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Game Chat(s)
[Lupastic`] enjoy
[Vicenzo`HcP] gllglgglgl
[Sensei`hcp] hf
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: block one of them?
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: thats ok too
[Lupastic`] dat trap
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: ty (:
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: this map is way too small.. nowhere to hide
[Zalo-the-moler] could be worse
[Zalo-the-moler] phew
[Lupastic`] xd yes I thought i have 0 wind
[Vicenzo`HcP] nice
[Zalo-the-moler] t
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: yes this is a nice hide
[Vicenzo`HcP] joj
[Zalo-the-moler] nice
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: wanted to jetpack fly to them but this map has absolutely no space
[Zalo-the-moler] awesome
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: sheep would have been perfect
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: would have jumped all the way to them
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: sheep
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: not on sida
[Zalo-the-moler] omg
[Zalo-the-moler] sorry :/
[Sensei`hcp] :D
Zalo-the-moler..Lupastic`: wanted F2 granade, and 5 sec fuse
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: like so :3
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: sensei should die 1st
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: he is with vjetro team
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: kill sida pls
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: otherwise he reaches me
[Zalo-the-moler] HA
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: attack the pile
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: not sida
[Lupastic`] he had a mole!
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: gj sniper
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: come up, build 1 more girder
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: somehow protective one
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: gj ^^
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: no more girders now
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: with ur other worm get on the top right soil
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: dont jp there
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: yes thats good hide
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: one of us will survive eventually
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: and thats u now xd
[Lupastic`] oh mama
[Vicenzo`HcP] ohhhhhh
[Zalo-the-moler] ughh
[Zalo-the-moler] very daring jetpack
[Zalo-the-moler] omg
[Lupastic`] lmao xd
[Lupastic`] goal
[Sensei`hcp] lol.
[Vicenzo`HcP] uuuu
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: hit for sensei
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: petrol? or zooka
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: yep lets keep us unpiled
[Zalo-the-moler] could be zooked
[Lupastic`] nooo
[Lupastic`] ah xd
[Zalo-the-moler] damn
[Lupastic`] why no spread
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: nah this was bs :c
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: that would have killed if spread
[Lupastic`] phew.. xd
[Lupastic`] gg
[Zalo-the-moler] heh
[Sensei`hcp] what...
[Vicenzo`HcP] ahhahahaha
[Zalo-the-moler] odds are in our favour
[Zalo-the-moler] with flood

[Lupastic`] enjoy
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: dont ask what happened
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: I got stuck somehow
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: was weird
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: wanted to bat the worm
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: u could have saved the tele for me :o
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: lupasthicc is completely blocked
[Zalo-the-moler] cool
[Vicenzo`HcP] glglglgl
[Sensei`hcp] hf
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: great :)
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: u opened for me
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: for lupasthicc
[Lupastic`] upsie
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: good hide
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: lichimur
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: grenade
[Vicenzo`HcP] :D
[Zalo-the-moler] well turn advantage
[Lupastic`] gj!
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: try petrol from jetpack
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: to shonjo
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: or nade
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: with amnesio drop something on shonjo
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: gonoreja can wait
[Zalo-the-moler] ty
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: time to build girders soon for sd
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: welp im out
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: sry
[Zalo-the-moler] np
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: the bait si real
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: grenade on him
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: he can reach with u jetpack tho
[Vicenzo`HcP] g
[Vicenzo`HcP] g
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: a girder inbetween the green apple and the other ground would be nice hide
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: when the water is high enough
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: try jp + petrol on shonjo
[Lupastic`] wow xd
[Vicenzo`HcP] lol
[Sensei`hcp] lol
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: go on the apple
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: right side of it
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: u can shoot from there, otherwise ur easily ploppable
[Lupastic`] epic forts <3
[Zalo-the-moler] even better
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: try petrol
[Zalo-the-moler] ah
[Zalo-the-moler] :/
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: next turn if ur still alive, stay on the left girder
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: the right girder gives u hide
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: nt, was not far off
[Lupastic`] gg
[Zalo-the-moler] gj
[Sensei`hcp] gg
[Sensei`hcp] t
[Vicenzo`HcP] g
[Vicenzo`HcP] g

[Lupastic`] enjoy
[Vicenzo`HcP] gllggllglglglglglgl
[Zalo-the-moler] nice spawn
[Sensei`hcp] eeeh
[Sensei`hcp] hf
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: with ghast, dyna on mlatimudan
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: dyna on shonjo plz
[Lupastic`] phew :d
[Sensei`hcp] nice tactic boys :)
[Zalo-the-moler] niceee
[Lupastic`] no no no
[Lupastic`] huh
[Lupastic`] I thought 2x damage was on
[Lupastic`] xD
[Lupastic`] wtf
[Lupastic`] now it was on
[Lupastic`] wow xd
[Lupastic`] so if u pick 2x damage up
[Zalo-the-moler] -66 fall dmg
[Lupastic`] at the end of turn, ur teammate gets it :d
[Zalo-the-moler] and I don't use it :S
[Lupastic`] never saw this before
[Zalo-the-moler] yeah
[Zalo-the-moler] :D
[Zalo-the-moler] me 2
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: come to the left after u kill gonoreja
[Zalo-the-moler] vn hide
[Lupastic`] so-so, we'll see :p
[Lupastic`] wow almost plop
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: dont use tele
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: hmm
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: lets see if u survive
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: if he kills u that would be nice
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: I'll pile with him
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: try to hit mlati
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: with petrol
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: or sida too
[Zalo-the-moler] xd
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: yerah they know they cant kill u
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: or I abuse order
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: if sensei doesnt kill u now, pls suicide
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: petrol on sida
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: then plop urself
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: from jetpack
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: or jp zooka it
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: hm ok lets try this way
[Lupastic`] struggling
[Lupastic`] ><
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: hit mlati from jetpack with something
[Zalo-the-moler] neat
[Lupastic`] ah..
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: hopefully not napalm
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: no more petrol for us
[Zalo-the-moler] cool!
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: come up next turn
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: jetpack + mine on sida or grenade
[Vicenzo`HcP] ufff
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: pls mine or grenade zalo :3
[Lupastic`] oO
[Lupastic`] gg xd
[Lupastic`] maybe waterrise!
Lupastic`..Zalo-the-moler: try to zooka it ;o
[Lupastic`] yayyy!
[Zalo-the-moler] = )
[Lupastic`] epic zalo :3 gj
[Zalo-the-moler] gg
[Vicenzo`HcP] ggggggggggg
[Sensei`hcp] vns
[Sensei`hcp] gg
[Zalo-the-moler] ty ty
[Lupastic`] gg

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