April 18, 2024, 03:41 AM

Game #241601, reported by Lupastic, Viewed 105 Time(s)

Default #30, Allround #29
April 02, 2024, 09:17 PM
Absolute Beginner 799 in BnG before the game. Gained 28|39 points more
Absolute Beginner 794 in BnG before the game. Lost 49|39 points more

Game Rate
2.5 / 5
Total Members Voted: 2
Players history
1 - 0
2 - 1
5 - 6
17 - 29
Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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TheKomodoNew03 by TheKomodo
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Game Chat(s)
[TdCxKorydex] hf
[Wolfgang`stf] hf
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: u go closer?
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: or far back
[PejaxTdC] n1
[Zalo-the-moler] good
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: hole in one, in golf
[PejaxTdC] ns
[TdCxSenator] nice
[TdCxKorydex] ty
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: I'll also try a semi sitter
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: lets get rid of kory first
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: try zook
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: good wind
[molefackers`Lup] weeee
[Zalo-the-moler] nicee
[molefackers`Lup] t : )
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: 4 sec? semi sitter
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: to peja
[Zalo-the-moler] phew
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: try a 3 sec next time on kory
[molefackers`Lup] grrrr
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: try 3 sec next plz
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: u have good angle there
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: also would be enice to bounce him off of that hide
[TdCxKorydex] gj
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: there is a good hide
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: inbetween the 2 destroyed trees
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: no zalo
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: angle is not good
[PejaxTdC] gj
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: im gonna have bl all the time again.. with thebounces xd
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: when they just barely bounce away from the target
[molefackers`Lup] yay nice
[PejaxTdC] oh boy
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: ;o almost
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: f@#! now i opened for him xd lol
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: 4 sec on him?
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: on kory
[PejaxTdC] `g1
[Zalo-the-moler] progress!
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: almost bounced away again xd
[PejaxTdC] n1 kory
[Zalo-the-moler] -34
[molefackers`Lup] horosho
[Wolfgang`stf] lolol
[TdCxKorydex] gee
[TdCxKorydex] sorry bro
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: zooka
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: great :3 gj
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: oh theres plenty of chance for it to bounce away but
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: will try
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: they will never hit me here now
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: it will pay out dont worry ^.-
[Zalo-the-moler] ops
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: wind was perfect for a zook
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: or zook open
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: watch for wind sometimes
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: almsot got stuck in the right base
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: will try 4 sec again tak
[molefackers`Lup] :c my pro bunker
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: now he is blocking himself
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: haha
[molefackers`Lup] xd
[molefackers`Lup] f@#!
[molefackers`Lup] I was worred about doing this
[Zalo-the-moler] you still have that girder piece on eleft
[molefackers`Lup] thats actually even gonna help them for a grenade to bounce back ><
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: 3 sec
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: peja
[TdCxKorydex] aw
[molefackers`Lup] 1 !
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: try to finish off kory
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: if good zooka wind
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: if not, 3 sec nade on him
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: the low hp worm
[Wolfgang`stf] n
[TdCxKorydex] t
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: they gonna keep throwing those bouncy on you
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: zalo pls stop hitting the tree, go for the low hp worm
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: 3 sec nade or 4 sec lg
[TdCxKorydex] shucks
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: this was meant to go for rantanen
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: not you :W
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: if u have good zook wind, kill low hp
[TdCxKorydex] lol
[Wolfgang`stf] n
[PejaxTdC] ae u got him out
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: tele between the 2 trees
[molefackers`Lup] ae :c close
[TdCxKorydex] phew
[Wolfgang`stf] go peja comodoro de la paja
[molefackers`Lup] vaya con dios
[TdCxKorydex] aw
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: zook or 4 sec semi sitter on 17 hp
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: I'll try a nade
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: peja could throw semi sitters on you too
[molefackers`Lup] grrr..
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: go for stockfish next time with a nade like that
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: ok I gotta tele away now
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: u dont have good angle from there : /
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: now u do xd
[Zalo-the-moler] gg
[TdCxKorydex] gg
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: lets try some bouncy ones
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: 4 sec perhaps
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: yes good idea (: vn open
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: or perfect grenade :3 uwu
[Zalo-the-moler] actually
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: 4 sec semi sitter there
[Zalo-the-moler] damn
[Zalo-the-moler] it doesn't help
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: tele away to your previous hide
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: next to the tree
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: next turn plz
[Zalo-the-moler] vn1
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: now ur too open, even for zookas
[molefackers`Lup] im amazed if u actually measured something with this
[molefackers`Lup] (?)
[molefackers`Lup] xd
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: pls tele away..
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: survive longer
[Zalo-the-moler] oh come on
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: if u were next to the tree, u could land grenades easier there btw... (:
[molefackers`Lup] oy
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: he can hit both of us
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: like this too
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: now u'll receive a zooka :3 i think
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: all these stucks.. we are having bl's
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: omfgg..
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: whenever in bng there is a slight chance for 1-2 pixel to make something bounce away, it will work for lupa to do it xd
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: come on.. we should have scored this already al ong time ago
[molefackers`Lup] lmao...
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: ok lets do something plz cuz soon he will win with all the lucks for the end xd
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: go to the tree
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: seriously pls
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: next turn
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: we are next to each other, easier to land a hit
[molefackers`Lup] well this is indeed turning around
[Wolfgang`stf] n
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: 3 sec
[Zalo-the-moler] ;-;
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: oh man.. we had 5-6 very close shots
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: he has this place measured already with full power 4 grenade..
[molefackers`Lup] f@#!ing finally
[PejaxTdC] n
[molefackers`Lup] t
[Zalo-the-moler] vn
[Zalo-the-moler] damn
[molefackers`Lup] after all those 6 close shots we had we shall not lose ~
[Wolfgang`stf] |lol
[TdCxKorydex] uhh
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: he has good hide now btw
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: with that tree hiding him
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: thats remained of the tree
[Zalo-the-moler] progress
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: almost gg : /
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: it will take 5-6 vbl shots again to finish him
[Wolfgang`stf] anyone knows the longest bng ever played on tus?
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: no, top
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: u dont have angle
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: from there
[TdCxKorydex] i could check if i had all replays :D
[molefackers`Lup] this was pure 5 sec
[molefackers`Lup] no lg, no max
[molefackers`Lup] btw
[TdCxKorydex] ae
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: great
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: u have better angle
[Wolfgang`stf] yeksnesujuapie
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: tree is in the way, unlikely to hit
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: but if i f@#!ing got the power right, grenade will kill him
[PejaxTdC] ns
[Wolfgang`stf] gg
[molefackers`Lup] gg x3
[TdCxSenator] gg
[TdCxKorydex] gg
[Zalo-the-moler] ladies and gentlemen
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: u saved the day x$
[Zalo-the-moler] job is done
[Wolfgang`stf] ladies and gentlemen
[TdCxSenator] just before 1 hour

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Game #241601, reported by Lupastic
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59:30 - CPU shot

although 52:11 was great too, gave us the breakthrough that we really needed
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