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TRL #33
May 30, 2024, 03:10 AM

Rookie 1287 in TRL: Hysteria before the game. Gained 28|30 points

Beginner 1088 in TRL: Hysteria before the game. Lost 28|28 points

Game Rate
5 / 5
Total Members Voted: 1
Players history
4 - 0
4 - 0
4 - 0
8 - 1
Information Game scheme: TRL: Hysteria
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Game Chat(s)
[walrus] glhf
[walrus] last one for me for a min
[STF`Campz] hf
[STF`Campz] gl
[walrus] glgl
[STF`Campz] yah
[STF`Campz] for me 2
[walrus] damn
[walrus] 3 sec mayb
[walrus] haha
[STF`Campz] xD
[walrus] WHY ALWAYS that key
[walrus] LOL
[STF`Campz] lmao
[walrus] haha
[walrus] the ` key dont work
[STF`Campz] keep trying
[walrus] im afraid noew
[walrus] f@#!
[walrus] that tap\
[walrus] im really hitting myself good
[STF`Campz] ya
[STF`Campz] keep the hard work
[walrus] almost did another
[walrus] lol
[walrus] wild
[STF`Campz] oh
[STF`Campz] phew
[STF`Campz] n1
[STF`Campz] Nice piling tho
[STF`Campz] xd
[walrus] rekt
[walrus] ood
[walrus] damn
[walrus] damn
[walrus] it was a not good pile
[STF`Campz] not for you
[walrus] that l;ast adjust lol
[walrus] thought i shot myself
[STF`Campz] what time is there?
[STF`Campz] hour
[walrus] uh oh
[walrus] looks like a cowhole
[walrus] almost 8
[STF`Campz] 20?
[STF`Campz] or am
[walrus] sea of mines down there
[walrus] one good shot should do it
[walrus] holy
[walrus] still one shot to victory
[walrus] just gotta get teh push
[walrus] shit
[walrus] fu kb
[STF`Campz] oh
[walrus] whoa
[STF`Campz] xD
[walrus] well
[walrus] f@#!
[walrus] stupid f@#!ing kb
[walrus] tried lg
[walrus] IM f@#!ED
[walrus] whewww
[walrus] oi
[walrus] kinda panicinng with fkeys
[walrus] LOL
[STF`Campz] XD
[walrus] hahahha
[walrus] everytime i try lg
[walrus] finally got lg
[STF`Campz] Gj
[walrus] ggs camp
[STF`Campz] gg
[STF`Campz] gn bro
[walrus] gn