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Classic #17
December 06, 2010, 03:31 PM
Beginner 1123 in Shopper before the game. Gained 36|36 points
Absolute Beginner 1044 in Shopper before the game. Lost 36|36 points

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Information Game scheme: Shopper
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Harm and Good by FiJer
1920 x 696, PNG, 124.92 KB, Downloaded 621 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[NNNdomi`] gl hf
dC`S Fu_un$ GL
[NNNxAntares] hf
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: lol
[dC`S] sai da frente satanasss
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: lo
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: ouch
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: where ?
[dC`S] os cara posicionarem melhor q vcs
[dC`S] ahuahuahua
[dC`Chelsea] awww
[dC`T-] ava
[dC`Chelsea] -_-
[dC`S] titio
[dC`S] learn knock
[dC`T-] lol
[dC`Chelsea] lol
[dC`T-] gg1
[dC`S] n1
[dC`T-] S
[dC`T-] lear shut up
[dC`S] flws
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: kill me
[dC`S] nem quero assisti essa merda
[dC`S] posicionaram tudo mal ahuahuaha
[NNNxAntares] ty
[NNNxAntares] :P
[dC`Chelsea] wtf ?1
[NNNdomi`] LOL
[NNNxAntares] lawl
[dC`T-] hahaha
[dC`Chelsea] wtf with rope
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: yah
[NNNdomi`] aaiiii
[NNNdomi`] lool
[dC`T-] iaaai
[NNNxAntares] :P
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: aw haha
[dC`Chelsea] shit weapons -_-
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: n savve there
[NNNxAntares] you should have picked elite, there are no shit weapons
[NNNxAntares] xD
[NNNdomi`] we could have played TEL, yes :)
[NNNxAntares] we chose elite anyway
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: mb use F7 at the 179 can plop ?
[NNNxAntares] aw
[NNNxAntares] xD
[dC`Chelsea] our chance
[dC`T-] ouch
[NNNdomi`] uff
[dC`Chelsea] shit
[NNNxAntares] xD
[dC`Chelsea] yo must ploop 140 hp ;p
[NNNxAntares] xD
[dC`T-] ill die
[dC`Chelsea] go go
[NNNdomi`] I anticipate something funny
[NNNdomi`] nah, not funny :p
[NNNxAntares] :P
[dC`Chelsea] gj !
[dC`T-] ty
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: phew XD
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: yah
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: i thinked that u talking about me
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: lol
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: we dont have weps =/
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: ninja
[dC`Chelsea] yes
[dC`Chelsea] shortgun
[NNNxAntares] long gun
[NNNdomi`] yes please
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: how can i kill my worm with shot gun ?
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: ill kill 66
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: or kill u ?
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: ok
[dC`Chelsea] attack terry
[dC`Chelsea] aw
[dC`T-] uff
[dC`Chelsea] 2 attack and gg :D
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: yeh but we dont have weps to it
dC`T-..dC`Chelsea: lol
[dC`Chelsea] sg and baseeball ;p
[dC`T-] baseball 30
[dC`Chelsea] 42
[dC`Chelsea] :P
[dC`T-] lol
[NNNdomi`] cheats!
[dC`Chelsea] :P
[dC`Chelsea] and 42
[dC`T-] dont kill me mofo
[dC`T-] kill u
[dC`Chelsea] it's allowed
[dC`T-] haha
[dC`Chelsea] xD
[dC`Chelsea] but doesn't matter i use basseball or uzi xD
[dC`Chelsea] or short gun xD
[dC`T-] kill lampard and let me leve
[NNNdomi`] ah
[dC`T-] lol
[dC`T-] nt
[NNNxAntares] nt
[dC`T-] fail
[NNNdomi`] xD
[NNNxAntares] gg
[dC`T-] he will die
[dC`Chelsea] xD
[NNNdomi`] gg
[dC`Chelsea] gg
[dC`T-] gg

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