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Classic #6
May 27, 2009, 01:46 PM
Absolute Beginner 1040 in WxW before the game. Gained 40|40 points
Absolute Beginner 1058 in WxW before the game. Lost 40|40 points

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3 - 1
3 - 1
Information Game scheme: WxW
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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w4w-01 by PunisheR
1920 x 696, BIT, 10.26 KB, Downloaded 9225 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[Jester-pp] lol mines
[Jester-pp] XD
[pp-pr] auehauh
[Jester-pp] funz
<<Jester-pp>> udachko
[pBalias] right up
<<Jester-pp>> lmao
[knightzPb] lOL
[knightzPb] i thought it works
pBalias..knightzPb: heyy
[knightzPb] xD
[pp-pr] da suka
[pp-pr] XD
pBalias..knightzPb: use the head go down first and after up
[knightzPb] xDDD
[Jester-pp] znal
[Jester-pp] lol
knightzPb..pBalias: i know, i just forgot where he was..
pBalias..knightzPb: dick
[knightzPb] haha
[knightzPb] funny
pBalias..knightzPb: rofl xD
pBalias..knightzPb: ok stop xD
[knightzPb] tá
[knightzPb] tá = ok
pBalias..knightzPb: u hate wxw like me xD
[Jester-pp] af
[pp-pr] blya kuda
[pp-pr] uxodi otsuda
[Jester-pp] ya tztyu
[Jester-pp] nekogda ne lyubil etu mapu
[pp-pr] huli mol4al
[knightzPb] ah c'mon
[Jester-pp] pohuy
[Jester-pp] ona gemoroynaya na ney vse padayut
[knightzPb] nt 2
[Jester-pp] maladez
[pp-pr] t
[knightzPb] oh lol
[Jester-pp] toka menya ostavil bez zawity no pohuy XD
[pp-pr] staraysya nykat'sya tam gde net plopov
[pp-pr] huy
[Jester-pp] ye
[pBalias] shit
knightzPb..pBalias: lol
[pp-pr] ya ego pticey
[pp-pr] poydet
[pp-pr] nenada s nim
[Jester-pp] suka
[pp-pr] nu ebat' kopat blya
[Jester-pp] lol
[pp-pr] xorowo tak s bo4koy vstal
[pp-pr] nahuy tolkat'
[Jester-pp] aw zabyl u nih ned zhe odnogo
[pp-pr] huy tam
[knightzPb] LOL
[knightzPb] what did i do?
[Jester-pp] aw
[knightzPb] after this i ill gtg
pBalias..knightzPb: ok
[knightzPb] must go to the street do something
[knightzPb] f@#!
[Jester-pp] maladza
[pp-pr] ta
[Jester-pp] pryam pochty kak pro
[Jester-pp] XD
[pp-pr] toporikom mozhno ebnut'
[Jester-pp] ye
[pp-pr] ili ruzhiem
[Jester-pp] wa posmotrim kuda on
[pp-pr] toporom
[pp-pr] ego
[pp-pr] pohuy
[knightzPb] 2 girls called me ight now askin' for dick
[Jester-pp] blya
[pp-pr] lmfao
[knightzPb] i gonna f@#! today
[knightzPb] ahhahaha
[Jester-pp] lmao
[pp-pr] nahuy nalevo polez ebat'
[Jester-pp] hf
[pp-pr] put' udlinil sebe
[Jester-pp] ryadom s bochkoy vstat'?
[pp-pr] ya pro verevku
[Jester-pp] a ty ob etom
[pp-pr] ya ebal suka
[Jester-pp] ah lol
[pp-pr] ebnis'
[Jester-pp] ebnes' ne1
[Jester-pp] norm
[knightzPb] gj
[pp-pr] nixuya ne norm
[pp-pr] plopni
[pp-pr] poprobuy
[Jester-pp] kak lol
pBalias..knightzPb: ^^
[pp-pr] pticey
knightzPb..pBalias: gj man
pBalias..knightzPb: thx xD
pBalias..knightzPb: look there is knightz and alias in the match xD
[pp-pr] kuda
[pp-pr] ebnees'
[pp-pr] blya pizdets ya upal
[pp-pr] vse zasral
[Jester-pp] da uzh
[Jester-pp] ladno
[Jester-pp] ne mozhem zhe my vse vremya viigryvat'
pBalias..knightzPb: ok good
knightzPb..pBalias: haha yes. xD
knightzPb..pBalias: thx
[Jester-pp] blyad' ubit' nechem
[pBalias] 9g
[pBalias] alias
[Jester-pp] gg
[knightzPb] gg
[pp-pr] gg
[pp-pr] ebnis v vodu
[pp-pr] ya porzhu
[pp-pr] Xd
[Jester-pp] af
[Jester-pp] hot'by
[pp-pr] ssyt
[pp-pr] XD
[Jester-pp] x3
[Jester-pp] gg
[pp-pr] ne x3 a ssyt XD
[pp-pr] gg
[pBalias] 9g
[pp-pr] cya dudes
[pBalias] cya pp
[knightzPb] dropped
[knightzPb] gg
[pBalias] cya vinic xD
[knightzPb] msn
[pBalias] ok

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