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Game #68412, Reported by SnipeR`, Viewed 1935 Time(s)

TEL #4
May 07, 2011, 04:10 AM
Beginner 1105 in TUS Elite before the game. Gained 40|35 points
Absolute Beginner 1006 in TUS Elite before the game. Lost 35|35 points

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Not rated yet
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2 - 1
2 - 1
Information Game scheme: TUS Elite
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Brazil Kaleu has nominated this game for Worst turn of the season (Addional note)
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1920 x 696, BIT, 4.34 KB, Downloaded 28 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[aNgus`Fub] uf
[FUB`OrangE`sR] hf
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: gl aew
[dC`ThousoN] hf
<<aNgus`Fub>> sinstra
<<aNgus`Fub>> ->>
<<aNgus`Fub>> si
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: colca um seu pra la<
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: pra nao fica mt junto
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: kkk
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: red wind max pls !
[SnipeR`dC] hum
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: era blue heuheuhe
<<aNgus`Fub>> dagli na grabnta
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: eu falando red
[dC`ThousoN] wow
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: o0
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: vai da block...
<<aNgus`Fub>> taglia quelllo
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: arf
[dC`ThousoN] bl
<<aNgus`Fub>> taglia
<<aNgus`Fub>> poi se risci a ucciderlo
[aNgus`Fub] skunkiamo crash
[aNgus`Fub] lol
[SnipeR`dC] lag
[aNgus`Fub] obvlvvl
[FUB`OrangE`sR] lag
[dC`ThousoN] weee
[SnipeR`dC] ehe
[SnipeR`dC] pnc
[dC`ThousoN] sbai
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: tele
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: iih
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: mt tarde
[dC`ThousoN] 0o
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: skunk em 75 ele nao gasta
[FUB`OrangE`sR] dio 5
[aNgus`Fub] hm
[SnipeR`dC] larga os tóxico
[SnipeR`dC] asuahsuah
[dC`ThousoN] kkkk
[FUB`OrangE`sR] bona
<<aNgus`Fub>> pugno
[dC`ThousoN] ae
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: eu tava pensando nisso
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: haha
<<aNgus`Fub>> pugno
<<aNgus`Fub>> pugno rofl
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: acerta ka
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: se errar acerta bonny lol
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: lol
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: abro com air ?
<<aNgus`Fub>> lol
<<aNgus`Fub>> torcia sinistra
<<aNgus`Fub>> fallo
<<aNgus`Fub>> orange
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: ok
<<aNgus`Fub>> seno con il napalm eri morto
<<aNgus`Fub>> :/
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: missil
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: hum
[FUB`OrangE`sR] ill throw you a zig zag nade
[SnipeR`dC] k
[SnipeR`dC] q cagao
[SnipeR`dC] vsf
[FUB`OrangE`sR] gj
[aNgus`Fub] t
<<aNgus`Fub>> cos si ioca a elite xd
<<aNgus`Fub>> no apri sinstra
<<aNgus`Fub>> anzi nooo
<<aNgus`Fub>> noo
<<aNgus`Fub>> usa il fucile
<<aNgus`Fub>> brav
<<aNgus`Fub>> come si f?
[SnipeR`dC] nada mal
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: missil ?
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: kelevra
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: + brril
<<aNgus`Fub>> ;o
<<aNgus`Fub>> tieniamoli opressi
<<aNgus`Fub>> piglia lo stronzo con una 5 sec
[dC`ThousoN] wena
[SnipeR`dC] ta
[SnipeR`dC] vamo q da
<<aNgus`Fub>> passa la skunk li?
[dC`ThousoN] receba galinha pulando
[SnipeR`dC] boa
[dC`ThousoN] hehe
[dC`ThousoN] ty
[SnipeR`dC] kkkkkkk
[SnipeR`dC] galinha pulando
[SnipeR`dC] euri
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: meto oq ?
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: pff
[SnipeR`dC] pf
<<aNgus`Fub>> ;o
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: skunk
[FUB`OrangE`sR] cool.
[aNgus`Fub] aahh
[dC`ThousoN] kkkk
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: -1
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: ae
[aNgus`Fub] cazzo
[SnipeR`dC] get down
[dC`ThousoN] aww
[SnipeR`dC] nossa
[SnipeR`dC] quase acerta outro
[SnipeR`dC] kkk
[dC`ThousoN] q mentira
[dC`ThousoN] pessou no meio d tantos pixels
[dC`ThousoN] !
[aNgus`Fub] merdina
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: s qro um lugar pra fazer tabela
<<aNgus`Fub>> girdati
[aNgus`Fub] ahue
[SnipeR`dC] rofl
<<aNgus`Fub>> ottimo cosi
[dC`ThousoN] fik
[SnipeR`dC] ns
[dC`ThousoN] ty
[aNgus`Fub] cozza la mina
[FUB`OrangE`sR] non ci finiva
[dC`ThousoN] hm
<<aNgus`Fub>> dopo granata o missili
<<aNgus`Fub>> si
[SnipeR`dC] aff
[SnipeR`dC] meu mouse fica andando sozinho
[FUB`OrangE`sR] bah
[aNgus`Fub] e mah
[dC`ThousoN] aweeeeeee
[FUB`OrangE`sR] 15!
[SnipeR`dC] _ 10
[SnipeR`dC] +10
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: vamo se defender
<<aNgus`Fub>> prendilo dopo
<<aNgus`Fub>> che c il barrel sotto
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: acho q eles tem 1
[dC`ThousoN] nt
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: eles tem sim 1
[SnipeR`dC] t
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: ah nem
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: tem q erra
[aNgus`Fub] wei
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: fdpta
[FUB`OrangE`sR] un filo sopra e lo pigliavo in pieno
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: se vier wind meto napa ?
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: loll
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: q desespero
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: kkk
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: era esse wind
[aNgus`Fub] ;O
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: ...
<<aNgus`Fub>> se ce vnto fotti gaucho con napalm
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: lol
<<aNgus`Fub>> o granat sopra di lui
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: como eu pulo ali
<<aNgus`Fub>> sali
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: cabea no teto
<<aNgus`Fub>> sali orange
<<aNgus`Fub>> cazzo
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: napa ?
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: lol
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: gol
[aNgus`Fub] ma cazzo
[FUB`OrangE`sR] nt
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: aki ?
[FUB`OrangE`sR] gg
[SnipeR`dC] lol
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: vamo la
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: tenho q da um jeito de usa dina e plopa
[aNgus`Fub] pfff
[FUB`OrangE`sR] nt
[aNgus`Fub] che fa
[SnipeR`dC] af
[dC`ThousoN] gg
[dC`ThousoN] yeah
[SnipeR`dC] lol
[aNgus`Fub] salvo
[dC`ThousoN] awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[dC`ThousoN] cagone!
[SnipeR`dC] kkkk
[FUB`OrangE`sR] occhio
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: gg
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: pra nos
[FUB`OrangE`sR] si
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: vc burro vei
[FUB`OrangE`sR] infatti
[aNgus`Fub] cazzozozoozo
[aNgus`Fub] z
[aNgus`Fub] dk
[aNgus`Fub] d
[aNgus`Fub] d
[aNgus`Fub] d
[aNgus`Fub] d
[aNgus`Fub] d
[FUB`OrangE`sR] oOoO
[FUB`OrangE`sR] Oo
[SnipeR`dC] ?
[dC`ThousoN] ?
[FUB`OrangE`sR] napalm
[FUB`OrangE`sR] siocane
[aNgus`Fub] la testa
[aNgus`Fub] lol
[dC`ThousoN] gg
[dC`ThousoN] loll
[SnipeR`dC] u strange
[SnipeR`dC] man
[SnipeR`dC] ^^

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Game #68412, Reported by SnipeR`
« on: May 07, 2011, 04:15 AM »
Awesome uhauhauha xD!
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Re: Game #68412, Reported by SnipeR`
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2011, 12:41 PM »
Ye awesome braing lag

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Re: Game #68412, Reported by SnipeR`
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2011, 12:43 PM »
You could've won if you had the balls for the jump. :D
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Re: Game #68412, Reported by SnipeR`
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2011, 03:37 PM »
You could've won if you had the balls for the jump. :D

sorry my understanding but... whata balls???

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Re: Game #68412, Reported by SnipeR`
« Reply #4 on: May 08, 2011, 08:43 AM »

Re: Game #68412, Reported by SnipeR`
« Reply #5 on: May 08, 2011, 08:32 PM »
jump with the balls = pain...

Re: Game #68412, Reported by SnipeR`
« Reply #6 on: May 10, 2011, 07:34 PM »
good partner angus XD!