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Classic #20
May 13, 2011, 11:41 PM
Average 1462 in Roper before the game. Gained 37|20 points
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Roper before the game. Lost 20|20 points

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Information Game scheme: Roper
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Roper 27 by THeDoGG
1920 x 696, BIT, 3.01 KB, Downloaded 8933 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[mm`adun] funznznzzn
[`cC`VinagreX`] fui
[`cC`VinagreX`] x
[`cC`VinagreX`] d
[mm`adun] xd
[`cC`VinagreX`] -2
[mm`adun] xd
[`cC`VinagreX`] -3
[`cC`VinagreX`] y la Xd
[`cC`VinagreX`] weno pa la otra le damos nosepo su hysteriazo
[`cC`VinagreX`] o elitazo
[mm`adun] elitazo
[mm`adun] aa
[`cC`VinagreX`] >.<
[`cC`VinagreX`] allin
[`cC`VinagreX`] omg
[`cC`VinagreX`] this kb suck
[`cC`VinagreX`] >.<
[mm`adun] piko
[`cC`VinagreX`] cague mi teclao anterior
[`cC`VinagreX`] la barra de espacio
[mm`adun] que teclao teniai?
[`cC`VinagreX`] chucha no me acuerdo ke wea era
[`cC`VinagreX`] xDDD
[`cC`VinagreX`] muy antiguo
[`cC`VinagreX`] era caro en su tiempo
[mm`adun] ahh
[`cC`VinagreX`] MagiX
[mm`adun] uhhh
[mm`adun] bl
[`cC`VinagreX`] XD
[`cC`VinagreX`] tttt
[`cC`VinagreX`] -.-
[mm`adun] XDDDDD
[`cC`VinagreX`] ke buen teclao
[`cC`VinagreX`] xd
[`cC`VinagreX`] lo amo
[`cC`VinagreX`] xD
[mm`adun] xD
[mm`adun] como va cC¿?
[`cC`VinagreX`] bueno yo volvi a WA como hace 3 semanas
[`cC`VinagreX`] a vacilar
[mm`adun] sadasdasd
[mm`adun] si cache
[`cC`VinagreX`] y pasarlo bien un rato noma
[`cC`VinagreX`] love it
[`cC`VinagreX`] xD
[mm`adun] bL
[`cC`VinagreX`] GOgoGOgogo
[`cC`VinagreX`] tiene key block
[`cC`VinagreX`] de 1 tecla
[`cC`VinagreX`] xDDD
[`cC`VinagreX`] no puedo apretar arrow mas spacebar
[`cC`VinagreX`] xDDDD
[mm`adun] que mierda de marca es tu weá?
[`cC`VinagreX`] jaaoHaohaOHa
[`cC`VinagreX`] weon si no me compre esta wea
[`cC`VinagreX`] xDDD
[`cC`VinagreX`] la tenia tiraa
[`cC`VinagreX`] y la uso en reemplazo de la otra mierda ke murio
[`cC`VinagreX`] aer
[`cC`VinagreX`] dice
[`cC`VinagreX`] made in china
[`cC`VinagreX`] xDDD
[`cC`VinagreX`] sin marca
[`cC`VinagreX`] aojaoAohjahjaoAaAOHJ
[`cC`VinagreX`] su lagazo
[`cC`VinagreX`] aight
[`cC`VinagreX`] gg
[mm`adun] XDDDD
[`cC`VinagreX`] GO elitazo
[mm`adun] mansos lags wn
[`cC`VinagreX`] a cagar
[`cC`VinagreX`] por culpa del kb
[`cC`VinagreX`] xD
[`cC`VinagreX`] tan malo
[mm`adun] xDDD
[`cC`VinagreX`] genera trafico

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