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Classic #20
May 14, 2011, 05:35 PM
Average 1510 in WxW before the game. Gained 36|17 points
Absolute Beginner 971 in WxW before the game. Lost 17|17 points

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Information Game scheme: WxW
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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w4w-01 by PunisheR
1920 x 696, BIT, 10.26 KB, Downloaded 9391 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[ps`strip3`kf] elite than?
[ps`strip3`kf] xD
[ps`strip3`kf] hf
[ps`camper] nah
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] gl hf
[NNN`Joschi] mines are?
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] 3 sec must be
[ps`strip3`kf] campz chicken
[ps`strip3`kf] xD
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] am ok for elite
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] HI!
[ps`strip3`kf] can i hide here?
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] plops in a midle
[ps`camper] yes lol
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] ye
[NNN`Joschi] how big?
[ps`strip3`kf] no floor?
[ps`strip3`kf] xDD
[NNN`Joschi] there is no floor gop!
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] right clicked
[ps`camper] pfff
[ps`strip3`kf] campz ftw
[ps`strip3`kf] xD
[ps`camper] I hate wxw lol
[ps`strip3`kf] me2
[ps`strip3`kf] wtf
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] yay
[ps`strip3`kf] lol
[ps`camper] nr
[ps`strip3`kf] ta
[NNN`Joschi] omg
[NNN`Joschi] gop, go for him!
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] i got a plan!
[ps`camper] ns
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] :3
[ps`strip3`kf] t
[ps`strip3`kf] gj
[NNN`Joschi] yay
[ps`camper] nice
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] t
[ps`camper] noway
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] i got a plan
[ps`strip3`kf] lol
[NNN`Joschi] come on gop, lets win this
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] k
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] u gonna die this turn :D
[NNN`Joschi] neva
[NNN`Joschi] f@#! it
[ps`strip3`kf] wtf
[ps`strip3`kf] xd
[NNN`Joschi] hehe
[NNN`Joschi] he is going for an axe!"
[ps`strip3`kf] im going for a beer to fridge atm
[ps`strip3`kf] xd
[ps`camper] bl
[NNN`Joschi] woot
[NNN`Joschi] :D
[NNN`Joschi] the reds are our enemies!!!
[ps`strip3`kf] we are friends hey
[ps`camper] xd
[ps`strip3`kf] xDD
[NNN`Joschi] :D
[ps`strip3`kf] nt
[NNN`Joschi] still good one
[ps`camper] t
[ps`camper] Job
[ps`strip3`kf] gj
[NNN`Joschi] ;)
[ps`strip3`kf] oh
[ps`strip3`kf] im crying
[NNN`Joschi] !!!
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] bl
[NNN`Joschi] lol
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] got shocked of such a plenty weaps we got :D
[NNN`Joschi] dude, your piling ddidnt help
[NNN`Joschi] Gg.
[ps`strip3`kf] lol
[ps`strip3`kf] ta
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] pff
[ps`strip3`kf] wanted him to fly above wall
[ps`strip3`kf] and pile
[ps`strip3`kf] but im dreamer
[ps`camper] yes lol
[ps`strip3`kf] xd
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] gg
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] am out
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] cya
[ps`strip3`kf] gg cya

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