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TEL #5
July 12, 2011, 04:16 AM
Rookie 1260 in TUS Elite before the game. Gained 36|25 points
Absolute Beginner 928 in TUS Elite before the game. Lost 28|25 points

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3 - 1
4 - 4
Information Game scheme: TUS Elite
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Game Chat(s)
[HostingBuddy] Have lots of fun, and the best of luck!
[dC`VulZ`ea`] hf
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: vmao q vmao
[mm`Devilage`sR] shut up hb
[SnipeR-dC] u2 hb
[dC`VulZ`ea`] u can ignore him
[dC`VulZ`ea`] ctrl + f1
[mm`adun] ye i did it
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: la embaixo era melhor
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: onde eu vo fica agora?
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: VUY
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: IU
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: VIU
[SnipeR-dC] PQP !!!!!!!
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: lol
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: puff xd
[mm`adun] wena
[mm`adun] uh
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: ae
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: nem tinha visto o vento
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: por isso dei volta
[mm`adun] wtf
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: XDD
[mm`Devilage`sR] apreta po ql
[mm`Devilage`sR] xD!
[mm`adun] ma encima me pego xD
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: bloka
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: s
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: ele nao via me matar
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: ele vai me blokar
[dC`VulZ`ea`] tele
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: porque?
[dC`VulZ`ea`] 30
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: viu
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: era certo isso
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: PQP
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: s
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: mas ele via de corda
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: XD
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: s
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: com rope xiter vai facil
[dC`VulZ`ea`] ele deve sheepar
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: rope?
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: eu conseguiria rope + dina
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: XD
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: beleza
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: ?
[mm`Devilage`sR] tele
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: lol
[dC`VulZ`ea`] lol
[mm`adun] gg
[dC`VulZ`ea`] gg
[mm`Devilage`sR] gg
[SnipeR-dC] gg
[dC`VulZ`ea`] temos q kami
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: vou murre
[SnipeR-dC] lol
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: Q MERDINHA
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: pq nao pula pra frente ?
[dC`VulZ`ea`] nossa
[SnipeR-dC] q?
[dC`VulZ`ea`] quer me matar do coração fdp?
[SnipeR-dC] lel
[mm`Devilage`sR] x
[mm`Devilage`sR] s
[mm`Devilage`sR] s
[mm`Devilage`sR] a
[SnipeR-dC] XDDD
[mm`adun] XD
[SnipeR-dC] gg
SnipeR-dC..dC`VulZ`ea`: rope sheep
[mm`Devilage`sR] gg my but
[dC`VulZ`ea`] gg
[mm`adun] i g2g guys
[mm`adun] cyz
[SnipeR-dC] gg
[HostingBuddy] mm`adun has disconnected: Socket error: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[HostingBuddy] mm`Devilage`sR has disconnected: Socket error: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[dC`VulZ`ea`] ok cya
[dC`VulZ`ea`] :p
[SnipeR-dC] né..
[HostingBuddy] dC`VulZ`ea` has disconnected: Connection closed

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