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Map #16951, Mysterious condensation by Senseiksuh

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You stole the Worm names as texts from me! xD

Making of Replay plz

There are lot of replays cause we did it in a couple of occasions. But i guess these 2 are enough.
Getting those 2 pxls for "credits worms" to stand on, in right bottom side of the map, was pain in the ass! :)

Glad we cooperated, was much fun doing this with husk, hope for some more projects.


Here's my tip... don't use cave border when map making... activate it on the finished product
Also, I see you have water when screenshooting, that's kinda not good. either avoid it by placing lots of terrain around the construction (just like I did) OR make yourself a pure black water from CyberShadow's Water Editor

What's not good about having water? Imo, it looks better with it.



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