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Spenner Trick Race

Author(s): Spenner
7800 x 7800, PNG, 269.95 KB

Map type: Trick Race
Scheme file: Trick Race

Submitted by: Canada Spenner
Date uploaded: June 18, 2017, 06:59 PM
Last modified: June 19, 2017, 07:57 PM

This is my first time attempting to build a trick race. I had a lot of fun with it! I'm not the best at trick race so there may be some errors or nooby looking tricks here and there-- feedback is appreciated ;)

There were a couple things I wasn't confident about naming, but things such as "double shadow" should hopefully make sense by how the targets are laid out (FYI, it's kind of like a shadow into a ness but landing on a wall, not a ceiling).

Have fun!


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Author Topic: Map #17166, Spenner Trick Race by Spenner  (Read 413 times)

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Map #17166, Spenner Trick Race by Spenner
« on: June 19, 2017, 07:38 AM »
too hard :0\

btw, in Dragons, the roof where two out of four shots go has to be marked too

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Re: Map #17166, Spenner Trick Race by Spenner
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2017, 03:10 PM »
Updated the map with that fix, thanks WTF-8  8) , also added the name "descent" to the "double shadow" because I guess that's correct.

Some tricks are undoubtedly pretty hard, but I've done them all many times over the make sure it's all possible  ;) I'd make a replay but I don't think I could do this map in only a few tries EVER

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Re: Map #17166, Spenner Trick Race by Spenner
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2017, 12:58 PM »
First off, I really like how the map looks. The flat/retro design as well as the palette you chose is really neat. If I ever make a trick race map it will be in a similar style I think.
As for the difficulty, there are a few challenging tricks, but I don't think I got stuck on any trick for longer than 5 minutes. The map has a good balance between the number of easy and hard tricks. At least that's what I felt when playing through it.

Onto the bad parts. The map is riddled with mistakes like the one shown in the picture above. I don't expect you to fix all those mistakes since that would be tedious. It's insignificant to gameplay and is hardly noticeable. However if you ever make another map I advice you to make it with gridlines enabled. And I believe that trick is actually a reverse Sharkfin.
Is the "Dragon back + forth" trick two consecutive dragons? Perhaps rename it to "Dragon to Dragon" instead if that's the case. If they are not to be done consecutively please make that clear. The line in the lower left of the map denoting the start of the Butterfly trick would both play better and look better if it was not protruding. "Shadow to tap" is more understandable than "Shadow to Decent". The wall right of the "outlaw to Mexi to Pini" trick looks odd, surely there is a better solution than that Frankenstein's monster of a wall. The corner next to the "Thanks for playing" text is not in the same style as other corners. Another thing that I didn't like was the fact that tricks involving Pump were seemingly made with what is often referred to as "lame Pump" (performing the Pump without holding both up and left/right arrow keys down until space is pressed) in mind. I was able to perform most tricks with a full power pump (couldn't do the one under the "Hello" text) but I had to use uncomfortably long rope in some cases.

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Re: Map #17166, Spenner Trick Race by Spenner
« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2017, 04:30 AM »
Thank you Nonentity, I'll have some time coming up to mess with cleaning up edges and those trick names. I might re-think the pump tricks as well-- I'll admit, pumps are new to me, and making them feel right with a properly executed one feels a bit out of reach for me, so perhaps I'll avoid putting them in for now (they can be tweaked as more difficult fly-to-target tricks I think, cept Butterfly, which I can change the starting block from.

I'm eager to make another map sometime soon and I'll be considering all the faults of this first when starting the build. Making sure everything snaps to a grid is imperative, I was building this in Illustrator not Photoshop, and it's a lot easier to align things unevenly.