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Map #3242, RR gruy by EusKaDi

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excellent run.

There's still 4s to be cut I think but I'll only play again if someone beats it, after 1,5hour of this map I dont wanna try again heh.

Nice map Euskadi.

PS: funny fact, Sir-J downloaded the map but Stat played the challenge

haha, you made me laugh xDD I couldn't open another EusKaDi's map after I downloaded it, so I just extracted both from replays :)

Btw, is this map supposed to be played with black background? With colored bg it looks weird... and I'm that crazy man who always uses ctrl+home and colored bg :D


--- Quote from: Statik on September 19, 2012, 05:32 AM ---haha, you made me laugh xDD

--- End quote ---

good, cause it was a joke.

You play with colour bg?! that must give you headaches lol

black background + bright maps and ctrl+home kill eyes :D colour bg helps, that's why I try to avoid png maps when they have broken bg.


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