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Changes are approved.
Thank. 8)

the double dragons are not equal :P
You can create a cup. Map Fixed

I made changes, requires confirmation moderators  :P

Cups and Tournaments Comments / Re: Cup #1064, May Mole Cup 2018
« on: January 07, 2020, 07:16 AM »
what the hell .... bitch ... 2018 ?????????????
Irs 2020 already ... have you smoked there ?? ))) :D
there will be time I will play too

RIP exzo

 :D :D :D

Every day I visit the channel. Moscow time from 19:00 to 22:00

these are my opponents RIP, the last time was here on August 15-17  :o

Oof bl  :( I hope you got well and feeling better now ExZo

Thanks, all is well.

hey people i'm on the channel, if anyone will be on the channel write me in private messages on the channel. I can’t answer right away, don't worry, I just walked away, and soon I will be

I'm sorry, I was in the hospital
Tomorrow I will, and I can play

good luck to all  ;)


+1 and start cup.

but there is the FAW channel on YouTube that has videos showing how to do the tricks of some of the maps. ...

This is actually my channel, I created it for this community, which was and was one of the leaders. but after he (the base) acted like a pig, FAw no longer has a channel on YouTube. There is my channel  :P

when is tournament starting?!?

The nearest possible way is 2 groups, 3 players in each.
(Total 6 players) Need 1 more

But, I would like more participants

let's wait even then, can anyone join

Trick race

for noobs - yes is bullshit  :D

Please kindly close this fucking cup ...

I was convinced that the people just became noobs and could not play such a complicated scheme ... give them the devil knows what ... the trick of the race just dies out ... HF GL

@eXzo, you can ask CS/DC.
:D :D :D
and here, they said, and that's it. Then my questions, CyberShadow did not answer, but simply ignored the messages.

Sensei Thank you of course for the sincere words.

I'm not going to make excuses in front of someone. But I will say this:
In many cases, what I found playing worms, when a player is accused of cheating, those who accused did not prove the guilt of the player, the use of third-party programs, mods, cheats, and so on. And just said - you are a cheater and everything is on it. Very competent, there are no words here.

for example, court
Prosecutor:  defendant is guilty of committing a crime.

Judge: do you have proof?
Prosecutor: (just silent) or says - he is guilty and that's all.

Without evidence - you can not blame and punish, to attribute this or that.
and here, they said, and that's it. Then my questions, CyberShadow did not answer, but simply ignored the messages.
I do not care  that there someone thinks of me and ascribes to me every imaginary bullshit.

I think it makes no sense to discuss this topic. since here everyone is right and smart ... fuck  :D

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