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Leagues General / Re: TRL: ZaR Roper?
« on: October 21, 2018, 02:34 PM »
Why why don’t we let ZaR roper be picked in classic if both players agree? Just like someone could pick unanched bng if both agree? This way we don’t split activity across multiple leagues?

General discussion / Re: Updates for HB schemes:
« on: October 21, 2018, 07:30 AM »
I’d also like to emphasize how important I think infinite Bazooka is in Shopper. I also always get baffled whenever I see a Shopper scheme made for a tournament, for example, in which there is no infinite Bazooka. It’s like, you have no standard weapon to do reasonable damage if you are unlucky, finding some very weak and ineffective weapon, so it turns out you end up with some dead turns during the matches. With infinite Bazooka, on the other hand, you have something to at least keep you steady in the killing race instead of just being helpless and letting your opponent crush you with a bigger weapon, allowing unnecessary luck to interfere in the game/scheme. Moreover, it allows you to choose whether to use the weapon you found in the crate or Bazooka according to the situation, providing more strategy in play.

I really disagree and think shopper with inf zook is really bad and just turns things into a bit of a roper style, you want focus on what the creates and could be and if you get lame cr8 your skillful enough to use it.

Inf drill was good to cause damage if you got a bad cr8 and alot of the maps i remember playing on alot of players would tend to hide in spots where you could knock and drill them for 35-42 damage.

But i'm old and the cr8 chances were probably different and didn't get as many issues of cr8 rope.

Leagues Games Comments / Re: Game #223630, reported by Albino
« on: October 16, 2018, 09:10 PM »
Albino! another CKC  ;D

Announcements / Re: 10th Anniversary
« on: October 14, 2018, 07:48 AM »
Congrats MI and TuS! See you all tomorrow for new season  :)

General discussion / Re: Current status of the League
« on: October 08, 2018, 10:19 PM »

Personally I don't think the changes does much. The main problem of the league is the lack of new blood. We are all older and more busy with our lives. Even if some of us try to play leagues again it would be for a short time until we get inactive again.
If you have any plans to attract newcomers and teach them how the league works though...

Maybe, there is no denying older players have grown up and life takes up more time, only time will tell, but if enough of us are in AG, being brand evanglists of TUS for a short period of time as we have something slightly competitive to play for (who can stop dibz or oldsock winning the first season?), maybe that activity around tus classic, combined with this cleaner league navigation on the site will bring some new players and interest to the tus website.

WA is far from dead, the number of people in AG isn't an issue, its just the way the community has evolved to what it is today.

General discussion / Re: Current status of the League
« on: October 06, 2018, 12:36 PM »
While it's nice to hear about the cleaner navigation, and also seeing change, it's quite disappointing to have such a change made without even so much as a vote, regardless if it's something we want or not, it would feel nice to at least have something implemented by seeing a vast majority winning a vote even if you voted for the losing side...

Why can't we just wait, and do some manual advertising and question the actual community to see what they want first? I'd definitely support any setup as long as I saw evidence that is what the majority of people wanted.

I can understand your point about a vote and democracy, but this thread has been going since July with about... 6-7 main contributors of opinions? I think we've had plenty of time about talking and trying to make decisions, some actions were needed and if things pick up with activity as a result it would be a better platform when more people who are active in tus are commenting and discusses the changes here.

General discussion / Re: Current status of the League
« on: October 06, 2018, 11:00 AM »
Having had some discussions with MI i think hes in agreement for the following;

Next season will have Aerial added
4 PO spots
duration 60 days
30 games minumum required for PO place (+ 50% greater winning ratio for PO place)
highest seed in POs picks scheme first
Cleaner navigation to main league with some edits to the menu and links

Good Luck WA league and hope to see some of you in this thread searching for TUS. 

General discussion / Re: Current status of the League
« on: October 05, 2018, 06:50 PM »
This is how it works, Keep it Simple, KIS- KEEP IT SIMPLE. Only way a league or life works well and enjoyable.

please! lets do it and lets get komodo and anubis and others playing and trying to be the best wormer again! i could probably manage 30 games a season and maybe more if i had something to play for, and thats a PO spot. If activity gets too high we can increase PO spots or game limit to reach POs.

General discussion / Re: Current status of the League
« on: October 05, 2018, 06:45 PM »
lets just keep it simple

4 PO spots
add koas/arieal/moleshopper
60 day seasons (30 months)
rolling seasons (no break between them)
clean navigation across site to main league
30 games minium to reach POs (even if someone is not as active as others, a high winning percentage will award them with PO spot - look at almog who wasn't that active compared to others but consistently managed to reach POs when league was ok)
Some PO system of highest seed picks first

ps. there is 9 days until the new season, can we do all these changes in time? I'd personally be motivated to search for tus if the above was introduced and honestly, WA has always been a passion in my life, i've explained the situation to my wife of the dying competition and she understands if i platy worms again...  :o ;D :P

Lets just try those changes and see what happens next before we get lost in PO classes etc

General discussion / Re: Current status of the League
« on: October 04, 2018, 06:43 PM »
i think reducing season length to 2 months and a change on the visual experience of browsing and navigating the site for first time users will improve things, MI has agreed to making it a bit more simply to see the most active and current league. It might be worth hiding TEL, rope league and all those other variations somewhere for historical data browsing and not to overwhelm us with so many links and places to go...

I like the idea of scheme classes, but i personally would only enforce them at a PO stage? And the POs could be very minimum at this stage due to active of only 4 playoff spots? Bo3 or Bo5 from the different 'classes'? Whatever those classes are is indeed up to debate and probably should be done in a separate topic.

I don't see an issue in including moleshopper and ariel into the mix personally, but i do understand the point of views of people saying its too many schemes to master, however it doesn't matter if you can't master them all surely? Because you make up your skills in another area, and as long as the playoffs have the right 'classes' you'll be ok knowing that if someone was the best ariel/hysteria player in POs, you've still got a chance to pick elite/inter, roper, or ttrr/bigrr if you know what i mean?

finding the right class groups won't be easy.. but lets worry about that in the POs and see if we get increased activity? even if POs are picking an approved scheme in order, and as long as the highest seed player has first choice, its still fair and the best allrounder should still win?
If an allrounder today means being pro in moleshop and ariel then so be it, they are the more active player and popular schemes on WA and PO seeds will be determined by your activity and skill level which should reflect the current state of wormnet right? The league should represent what people are playing in AG and people are still playing classic and people are playing newer schemes, so lets have an inclusive league of what represents today's wn. I've got no issues with someone who totally owns these new schemes being in POs because they deserve their place there for taking the time to learn and enjoy that scheme.

its just the same as 10 years ago, technical experts in one scheme like ryan and lordhound in rr, or komodo in bng could nearly get a 100% win, but thats why we've got rating schemes now to encourage allround activity. Imagine if mablak and random00 were active with all their allrounder schemes maxed out with elite rating, add a new scheme and they would need to train and learn it before seeing that rating increase, so a pro in moleshopper, at somepoint is going to start picking their weaker schemes if interested in points to be champion of wa.

thinking about this more, with 2 month seasons, 4 place POs and maybe 30 games to reach POs spot, highest points earn a PO spot. That would be enough to sustain a league and system perhaps for todays level of activity? Players like dibz, oldsock, csongi, sentator, etc could easily play enough games to have POs and be the season champion again and that might be enough to encourage old players to return, but newer players to take part, especially if schemes in that system included schemes they enjoyed. Look at the tournaments, they are still active and popular, WA isn't dying, its just evolving and we need a league that represents the interest of todays players, but new gen and classic.

General discussion / Re: Current status of the League
« on: September 20, 2018, 07:01 PM »
I think the real question that needs to be asked is of the inactive players: What would you NEED to see implemented to become seriously active again?

Personally, for me, i'd play singles if the league was simplified into 3 schemes, but i'd have to personally like those 3 schemes as well.

And that's an option I don't think many people would like to see lol.

for me it would be activity, knowing whenever i log into wn i can find a classic tus single or clanner and that enough players were taking part to make it worthwhile trying to make CKC win the leagues or reaching playoffs and winning against a group of skilled allrounders.

Just like the domino effect of old players disappearing so quickly, it would need a similar effect in a positive way of getting people back.

seasons at nearly a year long make me not want to even bother because there will never be an end to a season so whats the point?

we are all in agreement about how we are on deathsdoor, so lets just reduce the season length back to their originals and add arieal to classic, there is literally nothing to lose and MI could make the change tomorrow i'd imagine??

General discussion / Re: Current status of the League
« on: September 19, 2018, 07:19 PM »

i just want to be able to find a tus or competitive game on the odd occasion when i come online, but i can't be the sole driver of sitting on ag and always being active to try and keep WA. I love worms and don't want to see competitive leagues die, but it needs everyone working in the same direction and some collective mind set to make it enjoyable enough for us to either all come back, or motivate new players to want to play 'league' style.

Probably wasn't your intention but I saw this post as: "my time is more precious than yours so you rather sit in ag and make stuff happen so I can come in once a week and get some instant games going.."
Some of us are tired of trying to convince oldschool to get back. ;)

I can totally see how the post came across like that and point accepted. I think what I was trying to say is that one person cannot single handedly restore competitive league games to wa. It needs to be a collective effort. I just know personally the reasons why i am inactive and so many other oldschoolers are is because of personal reasons in life with jobs and family etc, compared to 10 or even 5 years ago when i had less responsibilities.

There was dozens of polls and tryouts to make league active again. Not many of ppl are interested anymore. Lots of schemes still needs corrections but we can't even get that going. As I've mentioned few times - of all community only around 40 ppl voted in that poll about new update release.. And 80% of them voted "NO!"
What else is there to say!? :D

Although, I would be the last to say it's over. Will support any ideas that might actually get us somewhere. But lets stop recycling posts. Twitters, reddits, twitch, compilations, videos, promotions. Surely there are ppl in community that can get some new faces, playing on nostalgia card. Saw it, did it. It's possible. But I don't have skills nor resources for attracting larger amount of newbies.

I hate going in circles and recycling posts, everyone disagrees, komodo (sorry Dave) will always argue against something or someone else will. Just sitting around debating it isn't going to help unless there are some real actions taken and the only person who can do that is MI.

Yes we are all in agreement that to make the league active again we need to train newbies and log into ag to play ourselves, but we would be lying to ourselves if there are not other things we can do (mainly MI) and some changes to the TuS website, or the creation of a more simple league system and website, would make competitive gaming in worms and the concept of logging into a website to report the games you've played on wa into that league more appealing.

As mentioned, adding in newer schemes which are more popular to the players of today will help.
Improving the UX/UI of tus site and navigation to make it more clear and simple to report games and see standings (currently we have about 4 different leagues and standing tables?) but in the older league days it was just one ladder or 1 league and so easy to see exactly what was going on.

Centralize all the leagues and systems so its clear whats being played, we are spoilt for too much choice.
Reduce the season length.

Perhaps with some of those changes things might pick up and it may make it more encouraging for older and more inactive players to continue to play and coming to AG maybe more than once a week.

General discussion / Re: Current status of the League
« on: September 18, 2018, 08:25 PM »

i just want to be able to find a tus or competitive game on the odd occasion when i come online, but i can't be the sole driver of sitting on ag and always being active to try and keep WA. I love worms and don't want to see competitive leagues die, but it needs everyone working in the same direction and some collective mind set to make it enjoyable enough for us to either all come back, or motivate new players to want to play 'league' style.

I do think that cups are becoming more popular or getting activity shows that the short term appeal of winning a cup of tourney in schemes that are in the main league highlights the issues of the league seasons being too long and not allowing schemes which are now more popular than traditional classic.

I don't think the community or league should be governed just by komodo disagreeing either.

There needs to be some kind of action or vote, and i think maybe enough people here would vote for shorter seasons and adding kaos, arieal and mole shopper at a minimum?

General discussion / Re: Current status of the League
« on: September 03, 2018, 08:19 PM »
lets open the flood gates, add ariel to classic, mole shooper and other popular schemes

reduce the season length, try 90 days again...

i think you need some motivation to play and a really long season is the opposite of that for anyone who is playing to try and make playoffs.

There is literally nothing to lose and with this little activity putting all the schemes in 1 pot to encourage the new players is fine.

General discussion / Re: Current status of the League
« on: August 30, 2018, 06:32 PM »
What is the different between classic allround and classic overall? It just seems confusing when you hoover over standings and see so many options.

A part of online community building is UX/UI. The user experience is going to be important on a website and you want to make things more simply, we can argue about the mindset of players doing league games but we could also make it easier if the barriers to entry of learning how a league works and playing games were easier.

So the new season length is nearly 1 year?? How can we currently be on 335th day of season #3?? Thats insane? Why on earth would i want to even play a single league game if i have to wait nearly a year to be crowned champion of wa for a season??

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