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make an arrow-pointer in the chat, when you are in the game, in order to select and copy text, sometimes it is very necessary. for example, to translate the text, and not to type it manually, etc.did anyone have any thoughts about this hm?

That would be awesome. I always wished this were possible.
EDIT: after reading the link FoxHound sent, I remembered the difficulty of making this possible.

I'm not sure if I understood correctly. I need choose one scheme right!? I choose intermediate:

General discussion / Re: Guide for new players
« on: July 28, 2021, 07:40 PM »
Yes. I will be constantly polishing and improving the content of my guides (this one and the guide for intermediate scheme). If anyone has an idea of something to include, feel free to suggest. But my idea here is not to create something new (we already have a lot of cool guides out there). I just want to gather in one place, useful links and information which I find fundamental for the new player, so the player can find exactly what he needs or choose among the various guides, which he likes the most (eg, for those who prefer to watch videos, there is the VitApSwF guide).

General discussion / Guide for new players
« on: July 28, 2021, 06:23 PM »
How to host games, download maps and schemes

To host games I'm going to say the way that I find the easiest, which is downloading the WormNAT2 module. Download this module here: Once you have downloaded it, extract the file and put it inside the game folder. After doing this, you can now create your games and players will be able to join.

You may also want to download different schemes and maps to play.

To download schemes, go to this link: Click on the name of the scheme you want to download, and on the scheme page, you will see the "download" link. Right-click on "download" and select the option "save link as...". The next step is to place the scheme file in the following folder: WA Folder/User/Schemes. Now the game will recognize the scheme you downloaded and you can choose it to play online or offline.

To download maps, click on the following link: For the game to recognize the map you downloaded, the process is the same as described for the schemes, with the only difference that you will put the map file in the following location: WA Folder/User/SavedLevels.

There is also another form of hosting, which does not require downloading any files. This way is through HostingBuddy (a kind of bot that will create the host for you). The entire process is done through commands. To learn more, visit (

Other guides and tutorials

Unlock Extended Scheme Options by typing boggysentme in main menu. - In-game controls. - Explanation about each weapon in the game (click on the weapon icon to learn about it). - Worms Armageddon Big Tutorial with English Subtitles. - Newbie Guide Book. - Guide in portuguese teaching to play online.

Discord channels - Most popular channel. There can find people to play and to solve your doubts. Make sure to check the worms-faq of this channel to get answer for your possible questions. - Discord channel dedicated to intermediate scheme and to the intermediate league. - Brazilian worms channel on discord.

Sites - Almost everything related to the game is there (softwares, modules, schemes to download etc). - Annual high-level competition intermediate tourney. - Site that promotes an intermediate league. - Colour maps to download.

Cups and Tournaments Comments / Re: Cup #1123, 80-normal
« on: July 28, 2021, 05:32 PM »
Check out my topic too: (Guide for intermediate players).
I gathered there useful guides and information and made a step by step to progress in intermediate.
Also, who who wants to practice, feel free to invite me on discord Albus#2539.

I'm talking about this kind of zoom during the game. If you play schemes like intermediate, it's very useful.
Yes, but still

I know some pro players who play at lower resolutions in order to see better pixel details. However, the downside of playing at low resolution is that you see less of the map. My suggestion would just be to be able to change the game's resolution during the match, as many games allow. Thus, during the game, the player could change to 800x600 in a specific situation and then go back to 1920x1080.

You are very good observer!!! :D :D :D

How about you uses glasses?

I'm talking about this kind of zoom during the game. If you play schemes like intermediate, it's very useful.

I would like the option to be able to zoom during gameplay, for situations where I need to see pixel details etc.

I would like to suggest the idea of a module that would send automatic messages in the lobby to each player who entered (eg scheme rules etc.) and at the start of the game (gl, hf etc).

This has been my wormy dream since Dario and Komito mentioned it. I would love to use it to improve myself in the game, with the sole contraindication that it could vastly fuel my addiction. Seriously, interacting with a replay? That's fucking awesome. And it's not likely that that can be abused, Deadcode just need to implement some kind of watermark in-game saying: "Hey, this dude is taking control of a replay. If he pulls off something great, you've been warned!"

Hi, Memox! Did you ask Deadcode if he would give it to you? Regarding the replays generated by TA, afaik, they are encrypted. So I don't understand how anyone could forge and publish a replay made with TA.

"The tool-assisted versions of W:A save replays in an encrypted format, which is playable only with the tool-assisted version. Only Deadcode can decrypt them, thus making them playable with normal versions of W:A."

If giving everyone a limited TA version (with at least the ability to take control of replays - most cool, useful and interesting feature imo) to everyone is a too big step initially, maybe it could be shared initially among players who have already reached a certain skill level, as a reward and recognition for these players, who demonstrates much interest in the game and are useful to the community, as they make leagues more competitive, make more fun and nice to watch events like CWT etc., and also these players inspire others new players.

EDIT: In fact, why would I (typical player) want to know if I MAY or not get to see a limited, not full version, even? Just what's the point lol

Well, I came up with the idea of giving everyone a limited version because I think it would be something more likely to happen in a near future, since they say giving everyone TA with no restrictions is dangerous because some people can use TA for illicit purposes. I don't understand this subject, so I don't have an opinion.
I know TA has a lot of cool features to use, but just the ability to take control of replays, at least for me, is awesome. So, if there was a limited version with this feature, would be better than nothing.

By the way, Muzer said the following on discord WA channel:
"...possibly finding a way to introduce the Tool Assisted features into public versions of the game (this will be contingent on making them safe and immune from possible cheating; not easy, but hopefully possible)..." (

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