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For easy reference, the match went a bit down the drain due to an unclear cow but should be fine in the end:

- flashR cowed CBA at turn 07:45 but we weren't certain if it was a cow at the time. Next turn has been skipped.
- Kevin04 cowed WBA at turn 14:36 and also skipped the next turn.
I realized we played the map on a scheme with rope-roll drops enabled (so you can use parachute in midair). It didn't bother me and was inconsequential to the match, but I thought I should mention it here.
We restarted the second map because we agreed to let me have the first turn there, considering that Kradie had it in the first map.
Can these two rules be ignored then from now on? Number of worms is arbitrary and loss of control doesn't matter as long as the worm ends up on the finish?
Sorry, you're right. I must have misclicked when hosting and neither of us actually realized that we played the same map twice, albeit with different soil. And I actually had randomized a neat island for the second match too.. doh. ^^
Announcements / Re: TUS Maps v1.0 released!
April 09, 2010, 12:46 PM
I think all the sorting stuff will be added as soon as the search-feature is done.

As I already told you Monkey, it might be a good thing to have a clan-field for each map, so you can later search for maps that have been made for a specific clan.
And, of course: AWE-SOME system! I dreamed of something like that two years ago, haha. :D

EDIT: Ah, and I forgot to suggest making it possible to choose multiple schemes for a map (e.g. a combination of wxw and fly).
Leagues General / Re: Scheme rules
November 14, 2008, 03:33 PM
Where did you get your infos? Worms2D doesn't say anything about Team17-knocking, nor does WAHelp, neither does BTP. The only thing I found was one tourney in Worm Olympics and one in WO in 2006, but it sounded like the rules were "just-for-this-tourney" for me, especially cause other tourneys highlight "everything is allowed". I can't remember about anything that has to do with knocking and team17 either. I'd just like to see a source, otherwise it doesn't sound too convincing.