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General discussion / Re: Who actually still plays?
« on: November 03, 2019, 05:05 PM »
I spent the last few years drinking like a fish and doing cocaine

Went to rehab again

Hi guys ;)

C'mon, its a tiny phone app game, if you are taking an ethical stand on the state of microtransactions, you look foolish here.

I bet the same people against MT were the same ones boycotting shareware in the 1990's,  ;D

A bunch of nonsense, you guys need to occupy your time better, this forum is full of wind and less relevant every time I come here, a bunch of obtuse takes and complaining about nothing.

Someone tries to create something and people who have never created anything feel the need to knock the guy down.  If you are upset with how the development of the game is going, make your own game.  If not, don't feel the need to interject the same opinion over and over like it gets better with age.  No one is interested besides you.  People like me check into the thread to see how the game looks, not your continued opinions on the direction of the game industry. 

Off Topic / Re: Do you believe in the existence of aliens?
« on: July 28, 2019, 11:21 PM »
im going to be attending storm area 51, only a few hours away :)

Off Topic / Re: Facebook?
« on: July 28, 2019, 01:20 AM »
Seriously, show some self-worth, don't sell yourself so easily on these platforms. I am guilty of of things as well, heck I am even using discord and steam. Even Facebook :O Only for news, following bands etc, minimalistic things. Though this makes me look like a huge hypocrite, and I can see the irony. I guess my argument would be ''I don't interact but observe''.

This is literally me. I never liked Facebook and other intrusive social networks (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter...)
I have a facebook account but with less than 60 friends added so far because I add only family and people that I know in real life, and I never post, only observe and press like LOL.
I think that having a steam/discord is ok. And whatsapp/messenger is more like an app you are forced to use to communicate because everbody uses it although I'd rather use Telegram/Wickr Me/Wire for best privacy.
listen to wallison he knows what he is talking about

cherry mx red switches and a couple of o-rings in space.

cheap and simple.
listen to adun

wormers keep on looking for a keyboard that will fix their timing mistakes

only practice makes you better, not keyboards

everyone is looking for a shortcut but there isn't one

TUS Discussion / Re: Pre-made clans
« on: July 06, 2019, 08:50 PM »
So let me get this straight..

>tus had classic league, people weren't happy with being forced to play a scheme they didn't like so tus rules were abused by any means. At this point playing was frustrating but there were a lot of players around, so who cared.
>in order to solve this problem, tus league was first resetted, then split into two leagues with even more schemes in it.
>since the league had been split, you could say that you had more chances to find a game right? However, not only it didn't work, but the inactivity got even worse.

Now ive never seen half of the people posting here playing the league before all the pros had left this game and the league itself completely died. And you guys think you have the solutions to solve all these problems? Listen here, your opinion doesn't matter shit. All the changes i wrote above were made to encourage you newcomers, but the truth is that you're a bunch of spoiled lazy ass. You didn't play this league when it was fairly active or at least, when you did, you took it like a joke. You have no idea what it means to spam for a whole day #ag looking for a league game, you have no idea what it means to see some people playing with each other just because they didn't want to lose points and just because tus rules were too soft to let people like you play this league. Now you want an active league? And you think the problem are the clans that should be changed? ? Or as some of you retards are stating right now it's the site itself? It never came to your minds that the game is 20 years old and it has no innonative stuff like every single game has today such as an implemented league, profiles, buddy list and chat rooms? Aye, the problem is this site (which give you the features i've just mentioned now). Im sure MI won't even listen to you as he's tired of dealing with your bullshits because after all his hard work he didn't get the expected feedback we promised him. This is what you get and what you deserve.
A really good post, look at you sbaffo, from stoned teenager to elder WA statesman.

We can go back and forth for days about blame for the downfall of league play, but I find it negligent to blame MI for anything that has happened.  The home page has read the same from day 1 - a site for wormers, built on the suggestions of the community.  I have watched over the years as MI has complied with the suggestions of members; sometimes good, and occasionally terrible, but if it was the will of the people, MI has complied. 

So here we are at the forums homepage that has been guided by a wholistic, democratic approach, and people are complaining about the outcome.  If you want a culprit, point at yourself.  Not much work has gone into this community for a few years now, and your average drive by hot take on TUS involves trashing MI and deadcode and maligning the state of the community.

I think people have forgotten that the meager donation system on this website clearly isn’t enough to support it.  I don’t know how it was in the early years, but MI keeping this site online is clearly a labor of love at this point, as I’m sure he spends more than he takes in.  All these years, he has kept the site free of ads, and no one seems to notice.  If you really care about the community, give back.  The donation button exists, and TUS remains our WA home. 

Off Topic / Re: Rope Clash Leaderboards
« on: June 12, 2019, 06:36 AM »
Lmao. I get matched against your slower times though. None of those crazy ones you posted. I'm still on rope #3 though, level 9.

Now we just gotta figure out who this "rydt88" guy is.
thats ryan, pretty sure that used to be his aim or msn sounds familiar

Off Topic / Re: Rope Clash Leaderboards
« on: June 06, 2019, 07:48 PM »
fuck i love sbaffo

someone stop my boner for this sexy man

Gaming Central / Re: Game suggestions?
« on: June 06, 2019, 07:46 PM »
Are there any 'must have' PC games out nowadays?

I'm always looking for something to play but can never find anything interesting. For the record, I'm not into 'battle arena' type games, the vast majority of first-person shooters, most MMORPG's, sports titles (except racing), etc.

What is good nowadays? I want to play something new but every time someone suggests something to me IRL it looks dumb as fuck.
red dead redemption 2

play it on xbox one and ill be your huckleberry

Leagues Games Comments / Game #224764, reported by Saint
« on: June 06, 2019, 07:45 PM »
nice game saint is a beast

Waste of Time??  Time is just an illusion caused by a lack of drugs.
miss you cunt are you playing worms again?

Nah I guess i deemed the game a waste of time and threw my laptop in the bin. It was fun for quite a while but everyone is grown up and has moved on so what made it fun for me is over. Also with my new hobby playing games is a drain on my time.
You arent playing anything better than worms cunt.  Come home and get fucked like a good aussie...

you got xbox cunt?  or ps4?

Waste of Time??  Time is just an illusion caused by a lack of drugs.
miss you cunt are you playing worms again?

Lots of emo topics about the death of worms than when I was on here last lol

Off Topic / Re: Tattoos and piercings
« on: March 24, 2019, 09:25 PM »
I got my tattoo at a house party last week

General discussion / Re: Why ANO was banned?
« on: March 19, 2019, 06:06 PM »
this thread made me realize


do not spak of the don when he is banned

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