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Scheme #2459, Hoops submitted by TheKomodo

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Love this scheme, Hurz and I created a point system for longer games as you can finish in 2 turns if you play perfectly.

It goes Lap-Position

So when you start, you begin on S-S.

After your 1st Hoop, you move to S-1

Keep going until you get to S-F, once you score on S-F you become F-F.

Now move back down to S, so it will go F-F / F-9 / F-8 etc until you get to F-S.

This way, instead of playing "Best of 3" or whatever, you can just decide on how many laps to play.

I will type all the scores in order up to FF-S so you get the point:

1st lap

S-S / S-1 / S-2 / S-3 / S-4 / S-5 / S-6 / S-7 / S-8 / S-9 / S-F

F-F / F-9 / F-8 / F-7 / F-6 / F-5 / F-4 / F-3 / F-2 / F-1 / F-S

2nd lap

SS-S / SS-1 / SS-2 / SS-3 / SS-4 / SS-5 / SS-6 / SS-7 / SS-8 / SS-9 / SS-F

FF-F / FF-9 / FF-8 / FF-8 / FF-7 / FF-6 / FF-5 / FF-4 / FF-3 / FF-2 / FF-1 / FF-S

Step aside SiD, he'll take it from here..


Yah, at least this time I asked permission :P BWahauHAUhua

But really, only done it so I could use it with HostingBuddy with TUS commands haha, SiD didn't upload it yet :o

haha, you don't need permission.
It's nice to present the concept and see where it goes.

speaking of which:

Did someone post my gif somewhere? 14k views haha


--- Quote from: TheKomodo on September 11, 2017, 11:46 PM ---Hurz and I created a point system

--- End quote ---

actually you did, i was just like "cool, that should work" or smth :D


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