June 22, 2018, 01:53 AM

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#1 Hysterial BnG Harder, faster, funnier
Knockout, Round 1
September 13, 2017, 09:27 PM
Gained 5 points
Ireland CKC rrX
Lost 5 points

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Information Tournament name: : #988: #1 Hysterial BnG
Tournament scheme(s):
Need for speed!

Game Result: 1:0
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Game Chat(s)
[Komodo] Hf
[Godmax] Pussies and Gentlemonkeys, welcome to a new Max Schema era. Tobias, present or not, is in a fantastic condition and we will fucking win nonstop in 2017 I can promise you that. Enjoy the Max Scheme air breathe it inhale it and let the fucking shit begin! Victory smells like:
[Godmax] dogshit
[Godmax] you streaming this shit komodo?
[Godmax] 5 secs fuck
[Godmax] need lg for it
[Godmax] otherwise not allowed I remember
[Komodo] Streaming the othergame
[Komodo] LordHound has twitch
[Komodo] He can stream this xD
[LordHound] Nah :p
[Godmax] dont
[Komodo] He would lose his followers lol
[LordHound] Ha the timer is scary.
[Komodo] What's this, LH, BnG???
[LordHound] Waht followers>? lol
[LordHound] ok I better conecntrate like a boss.
[Godmax] HIT
[LordHound] :(
[Godmax] now i gotta reaim well no prob
[Godmax] YES
[Komodo] Gj
[Godmax] well
[Komodo] But Godmax, the rule for stuff like that is
[LordHound] So this is the kind of bng it will be.
[Komodo] If you do cow, you got to try do same damage to yourself
[Godmax] what
[Godmax] that sounds shit but ok
[Komodo] But usually unwritten rule we agree on, instead of trying to attack yourself(cuz usually does more damage)
[Komodo] Just agree you will be dead once your health reaches the health you done to them
[Godmax] shit
[Godmax] well
[LordHound] Oh my.
[Godmax] FUCK
[Godmax] puhhh
[Komodo] I can host btw
[Komodo] But I can't host if I am streaming
[Godmax] SHIT
[LordHound] I'll be happy to hit one shot tbh.
[Godmax] YES
[LordHound] I wouldnt call that a good bng shot tbh.
[LordHound] But anyways.
[Godmax] fuck it
[Godmax] well what the grenade was moving
[Godmax] lets not be extreme bng apes here ^^
[Godmax] pouhhh
[LordHound] Is there a mute button here? lol
[Godmax] you need to concentrate?
[Godmax] damn shit
[Godmax] ah damn....
[Godmax] sitter?!
[LordHound] Always going to happen with a 4 sec.
[Godmax] well
[Godmax] what now
[Godmax] no idea what to do now attack myself or not...if i kill you we gotta rehost or wtf
[Godmax] ah shit
[Godmax] fuck me
[LordHound] I dunno, ask komo.
[Godmax] i keep attacking your ass
[Godmax] until i get stopped
[Godmax] shit fuck
[Godmax] shit
[Komodo] Hehe
[Komodo] Ok
[Komodo] Explain
[Godmax] what
[Komodo] I was talking with Senseis game
[LordHound] Sitter.
[Komodo] IO didn't see
[Komodo] What damage
[Komodo] Who done it
[Godmax] might've been a sitter
[LordHound] Dunno, he did like 35 maybe?
[LordHound] lol godmax.
[Komodo] Then he dies on 24hp
[Komodo] If it was a sitter
[Komodo] But just finish the game anyway
[Komodo] Just incase it wasn't
[Godmax] mh ok
[Komodo] If you get him 24 before he kills you
[Komodo] And it was a sitter
[Komodo] Then LH would get the win
[Komodo] If it was 35 dmg
[Godmax] fuck it
[Godmax] man shit
[Godmax] fuck it
[Godmax] holy moly
[Godmax] i could castrate myself
[Godmax] i need a damn jetpack
[Godmax] YES
[Godmax] victory?
[Godmax] or not
[Godmax] no idea

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