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Game #221811, reported by XanKriegor, Viewed 122 Time(s)

#1 Hysterial BnG Harder, faster, funnier
Knockout, Round 3
September 13, 2017, 09:55 PM
Russian Federation Pn ZaR dS
Gained 5 points
Russian Federation
Lost 5 points

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0 / 5
Total Members Voted: 1
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Information Tournament name: : #988: #1 Hysterial BnG
Tournament scheme(s):
Need for speed!

Game Result: 1:0
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Game Chat(s)
[`Pn`XanKriegor] Have fun and good luck
[lemur`hcp] shit i like the right side more
[`Pn`XanKriegor] i like left
[`Pn`XanKriegor] wooooooooooooooot
[`Pn`XanKriegor] oh cmon
[`Pn`XanKriegor] heeet
[`Pn`XanKriegor] what baxter have to do with Shrodinger?
[lemur`hcp] baxter is a cat
[lemur`hcp] (:
[`Pn`XanKriegor] oO
[`Pn`XanKriegor] from?
[lemur`hcp] its a speedyo's cat if i remember correctly
[lemur`hcp] ns
[`Pn`XanKriegor] ty
[lemur`hcp] eh
[`Pn`XanKriegor] i never remember what power i did use
[lemur`hcp] neither do i
[lemur`hcp] :D
[`Pn`XanKriegor] im 30, should not have problems with mem yet
[lemur`hcp] uhhh
[lemur`hcp] nt
[`Pn`XanKriegor] ty
[`Pn`XanKriegor] feck
[`Pn`XanKriegor] xD
[lemur`hcp] ^^
[lemur`hcp] holy
[lemur`hcp] shit
[lemur`hcp] ns
[`Pn`XanKriegor] xD
[`Pn`XanKriegor] ty
[`Pn`XanKriegor] uff
[`Pn`XanKriegor] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[`Pn`XanKriegor] fuck
[`Pn`XanKriegor] move your bum maybe?
[lemur`hcp] naa im fine there
[lemur`hcp] ty
[`Pn`XanKriegor] xD
[`Pn`XanKriegor] этo пoддaвки))
[`Pn`XanKriegor] вax
[lemur`hcp] krasavec)
[`Pn`XanKriegor] ty))
[`Pn`XanKriegor] i would castrate myself with rusty scissors if Max beat Csongi
[lemur`hcp] blin
[lemur`hcp] maxxy s leading tho
[lemur`hcp] xD
[`Pn`XanKriegor] oO
[`Pn`XanKriegor] ahahaahahahah
[`Pn`XanKriegor] cant fukeen be
[`Pn`XanKriegor] nice
[lemur`hcp] uuuh
[`Pn`XanKriegor] )))
[lemur`hcp] :D
[lemur`hcp] ns xaaaan!
[`Pn`XanKriegor] ty
[lemur`hcp] wha
[`Pn`XanKriegor] no reaim
[lemur`hcp] da poh
[lemur`hcp] :D
[`Pn`XanKriegor] gG
[lemur`hcp] gg xaaaan!
[`Pn`XanKriegor] ty <3
[lemur`hcp] nice
[lemur`hcp] :)

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Game #221811, reported by XanKriegor
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[`Pn`XanKriegor] i would castrate myself with rusty scissors if Max beat Csongi

Exactly what I was loking for. Go and post photo