September 25, 2018, 07:59 AM

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Knockout, Round 1
October 01, 2017, 06:11 PM
Poland Fox DOS dS
Gained 5 points
Spain TdC ea
Lost 5 points

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1 - 0
Information Tournament name: : #1000: INTERMEDIATE
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Game Result: 2:0
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Game Map(s)

Random generated map by the game.
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Random generated map by the game.
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Game Chat(s)
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gl & hf
[NBRthelales] Hf ^^
[Fox`Artec`DOS] damn
[Fox`Artec`DOS] ooooo
[NBRthelales] ops
[Fox`Artec`DOS] vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvbl, man lmao
[NBRthelales] my fault cos animals in grass dont wanna work ;p
[Fox`Artec`DOS] I could've realised another reason behind and I think it was more essential
[Fox`Artec`DOS] just not so much space
[NBRthelales] ofc that ^^
[Fox`Artec`DOS] ;]
[NBRthelales] ops
[Fox`Artec`DOS] ops indeed
[NBRthelales] ahh
[Fox`Artec`DOS] vbl ;o
[NBRthelales] sometimes ... xD
[NBRthelales] use rope u can go inside worm Beauty and use arch to pile and ded
[Fox`Artec`DOS] didn't wanna risk much, tho so I went easy this time
[NBRthelales] oh dshit
[Fox`Artec`DOS] see?
[Fox`Artec`DOS] sneaky grass
[NBRthelales] saw
[Fox`Artec`DOS] nt
[NBRthelales] t
[Fox`Artec`DOS] awww
[NBRthelales] ;p
[Fox`Artec`DOS] however
[NBRthelales] nt
[Fox`Artec`DOS] thx
[Fox`Artec`DOS] apparently calculated
[NBRthelales] I though I could activate mine, cos "nt"
[Fox`Artec`DOS] yeah, realised that
[NBRthelales] uhhhhh
[Fox`Artec`DOS] done it totally wronggggggggg
[Fox`Artec`DOS] vbl
[NBRthelales] we r doing a great game ;D
[Fox`Artec`DOS] ;]
[Fox`Artec`DOS] heh
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gg
[NBRthelales] Gg.

[Fox`Artec`DOS] gl & hf
[NBRthelales] woot map
[NBRthelales] I should said it to you before start
[Fox`Artec`DOS] hmm, we could restart it
[Fox`Artec`DOS] if you really wanted to
[Fox`Artec`DOS] but you have to decide during my second turn
[NBRthelales] not here ;o
[NBRthelales] damn ;D
[Fox`Artec`DOS] vnt
[Fox`Artec`DOS] ;]
[Fox`Artec`DOS] still impressive tho
[NBRthelales] ty ty
[Fox`Artec`DOS] bl
[NBRthelales] bah
[Fox`Artec`DOS] hm
[Fox`Artec`DOS] wow
[NBRthelales] rass
[NBRthelales] cmon
[Fox`Artec`DOS] omg
[Fox`Artec`DOS] heh
[Fox`Artec`DOS] should've enabled LG
[Fox`Artec`DOS] or idk
[Fox`Artec`DOS] are you gonna join this CWT event tho?
[NBRthelales] No, since some players still playing it and others not
[NBRthelales] I miss some ;)
[Fox`Artec`DOS] ah okay then lol
[NBRthelales] Gg.
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gg
[NBRthelales] gl in next
[Fox`Artec`DOS] I'm sorry, man
[Fox`Artec`DOS] and thx
[NBRthelales] Not me ^^
[Fox`Artec`DOS] well
[NBRthelales] yw ;)
[NBRthelales] cu soon around

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