August 17, 2018, 07:05 AM

Game #222055, Viewed 48 Time(s)

ZaR Roper Zook & Rope
Knockout, Round 1
October 02, 2017, 06:36 PM
Norway d2L ZaR
Gained 5 points
Saudi Arabia Pn ae WG`
Lost 5 points

Game Rate
Not rated yet
Players history
1 - 2
Information Tournament name: : #1001: ZaR Roper
Tournament scheme(s):
ZaR Roper (Cave)
ZaR: Zook and Rope

Game Result: 1:0
Watch The Game Replay(s):
Downloaded 45 time(s).
Game Map(s)

Fab08 by Fabrousse
1920 x 696, BIT, 2.89 KB, Downloaded 7106 time(s)

Kradie's Roper 153 by Kradie
1920 x 696, BIT, 2.49 KB, Downloaded 239 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[HostingBuddy] Have lots of fun, and the best of luck!
[Kradie`ZaR] Hf
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] Funks
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ew
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] shocked
[Kradie`ZaR] FUCK.
[Kradie`ZaR] xd
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ew
[Kradie`ZaR] Apologize, I am alos overseeing other players.
[Kradie`ZaR] So I am not focused now.
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] np sheet happens
[Kradie`ZaR] You dont join a tournament and not play it.
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] oooof
[Kradie`ZaR] Damn first rape.
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ew
[Kradie`ZaR] K.
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ae
[Kradie`ZaR] ^^
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] oi
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ew
[Kradie`ZaR] PHew
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ew
[Kradie`ZaR] Ups.
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] phail
[Kradie`ZaR] Wat
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] nuthin
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] woop
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] wat
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] MC Nuggets
[Kradie`ZaR] hm
[Kradie`ZaR] ah
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ew
[Kradie`ZaR] was possible
[Kradie`ZaR] K
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ew
[Kradie`ZaR] lmao yeah
[Kradie`ZaR] it was awful
[Kradie`ZaR] distasteful
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] wat da fack
[Kradie`ZaR] oh ew to that
[Kradie`ZaR] bl
[Kradie`ZaR] PILE
[Kradie`ZaR] for you
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] tae
[Kradie`ZaR] ^^
[Kradie`ZaR] ahhhh
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ew
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] rofl
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] dumb
[Kradie`ZaR] ups
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ew
[Kradie`ZaR] minimizing a lot
[Kradie`ZaR] xd
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] loool
[Kradie`ZaR] ty for opening
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] welcome
[Kradie`ZaR] time to die man
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] dae
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ded
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] I'm a failed experiment
[Kradie`ZaR] i must win second
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] ;(
[Kradie`ZaR] Gg.
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] gG
[Kradie`ZaR] Ok, go to ag my friend ;)

[Pn`Mega`Adnan] Funks
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] mc nuggets
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] gj
[Kradie`ZaR] ty
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] oooof
[Kradie`ZaR] aww
[Kradie`ZaR] my adnanda
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] kill meh
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] why teh fuck did I join this
[Kradie`ZaR] hahaha
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] rofl
[Kradie`ZaR] cuz you love zoorrrroooo
[Pn`Mega`Adnan] gG
[HostingBuddy] Pn`Mega`Adnan has disconnected: Connection closed

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