February 19, 2019, 07:52 AM

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ZaR Roper Zook & Rope
Knockout, Round 1
October 02, 2017, 06:36 PM
United States NBR S17
Gained 5 points
United Kingdom sex dS ZaR
Lost 5 points

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Players history
2 - 0
Information Tournament name: : #1001: ZaR Roper
Tournament scheme(s):
ZaR Roper (Cave)
ZaR: Zook and Rope

Game Result: 2:0
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0 members and about 323 guests have downloaded this game.
Game Map(s)

Roper02 by franz
1920 x 696, BIT, 2.04 KB, Downloaded 6769 time(s)

Roper07 by franz
1920 x 696, BIT, 2.15 KB, Downloaded 6762 time(s)

Kradie's Roper 51 by Kradie
1920 x 696, BIT, 2.33 KB, Downloaded 295 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[HostingBuddy] Have lots of fun, and the best of luck!
[NBRthewalrus] zarred
[spleen17`TdC] hf
[NBRthewalrus] glhf
[HostingBuddy] spleen17`TdC has disconnected: Time-out

[HostingBuddy] Have lots of fun, and the best of luck!
[spleen17`TdC] hf
[NBRthewalrus] haha
[spleen17`TdC] lol
[NBRthewalrus] aaaaaaaa
[NBRthewalrus] bl
[spleen17`TdC] :o
[NBRthewalrus] lol
[spleen17`TdC] i feel rusty too
[NBRthewalrus] and re hide
[spleen17`TdC] how long were you gone?
[NBRthewalrus] 3 weeks for the hike
[NBRthewalrus] i started sept 8
[spleen17`TdC] ah again
[NBRthewalrus] lol
[spleen17`TdC] why
[NBRthewalrus] aaaa
[spleen17`TdC] fuck
[NBRthewalrus] loool
[NBRthewalrus] bl
[NBRthewalrus] i forgot the jump scares of zar
[NBRthewalrus] worse than a horror movie
[spleen17`TdC] yes, by far
[spleen17`TdC] zar is all adreneline
[NBRthewalrus] awww
[NBRthewalrus] wanted mine bad
[spleen17`TdC] aw
[NBRthewalrus] didnt see how you piled ur worms
[NBRthewalrus] :(
[spleen17`TdC] bo3
[spleen17`TdC] :)
[spleen17`TdC] gg
[NBRthewalrus] gg

[HostingBuddy] Have lots of fun, and the best of luck!
[NBRthewalrus] oh man
[spleen17`TdC] hf
[NBRthewalrus] so i weighed myself
[NBRthewalrus] before i took a shit
[NBRthewalrus] 186.9
[spleen17`TdC] mhm
[NBRthewalrus] after taking off my clothes and shitting i was 183
[spleen17`TdC] did you not take a shit during the 3 weeks? xD
[NBRthewalrus] lo
[NBRthewalrus] i know right
[NBRthewalrus] it was a big shit but 4 lbs
[NBRthewalrus] is crazy
[spleen17`TdC] damn
[NBRthewalrus] aaaaaaa
[spleen17`TdC] too risky
[NBRthewalrus] you were zarred
[NBRthewalrus] whoa
[NBRthewalrus] surprise mine
[spleen17`TdC] yeah
[NBRthewalrus] lol
[spleen17`TdC] haha
[spleen17`TdC] damn
[NBRthewalrus] first episode of curb was on last night
[NBRthewalrus] did you watch
[spleen17`TdC] oh shit
[spleen17`TdC] really?
[NBRthewalrus] ya
[NBRthewalrus] its baaaack

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