June 20, 2019, 04:22 PM

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Sunday Aerial #12 Let's revive W:A!! part2
Knockout, Round 2
June 10, 2018, 09:37 PM
Russian Federation S3 BrS
Gained 5 points
Croatia tBG ded ViP
Lost 5 points

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Information Tournament name: : #1070: Sunday Aerial #12
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Game Result: 2:1
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Game Chat(s)
[Scully-V] hf
[derp] Good luck for the decider, my man!
[derp] good start :D
[Scully-V] :D
[derp] I'll watch your game vs lemur btw
[derp] so I can keep annoying you in chat
[Scully-V] i'll watch you game with lemur
[Scully-V] that was fata;
[Scully-V] really
[derp] or was it
[Scully-V] clear one
[derp] gm
[derp] hm*
[Scully-V] sheep me
[derp] fek
[derp] nah I see the problem with that
[derp] nice btw
[Scully-V] ty
[derp] oh btw
[derp] I went to check
[derp] our first game was 19 minutes
[Scully-V] OST from The Witcher 3 helps me a lot)
[derp] shet I should've enabled some background music as well
[Scully-V] eh
[Scully-V] that
[derp] DAMN
[Scully-V] was
[derp] amazing
[Scully-V] ew
[derp] ew indeed
[Scully-V] damn it
[derp] I turned on Korpiklaani
[derp] let's see how I do now
[derp] oooohoho
[derp] what a waste
[Scully-V] aw aw
[derp] it was x2
[derp] NICE
[Scully-V] ty
[Scully-V] TYY
[derp] :P
[Scully-V] :D
[derp] I lost this one
[Scully-V] :P
[derp] ah thanks
[derp] it will protect me
[derp] as some guy I played with once would say, ''girders are better protection than condoms''
[Scully-V] Eww
[derp] y u so good
[derp] er
[Scully-V] aw
[Scully-V] bl
[derp] AH I SEE A PLAN
[Scully-V] too greedy
[derp] wat u doin
[Scully-V] nice mine shot
[derp] thanks, I learned it in worms world party's missions :P
[Scully-V] close one
[derp] I got scared
[derp] very scared
[derp] let's try this
[derp] risky strategy time
[Scully-V] aww, man
[derp] doggone
[derp] how did I do this :P
[derp] gg man, well won!
[Scully-V] not yet
[derp] deserved, especially after how I messed with you in game 1 :D
[Scully-V] that was only my fault)
[derp] HA NICE
[derp] PAYBACK
[derp] :D
[Scully-V] 11
[derp] anyway, nice win!
[Scully-V] wow
[Scully-V] ty)
[Scully-V] linked me, tho

[derp] GL HF
[Scully-V] hf
[derp] Heh nice team :D
[Scully-V] :D
[derp] and that flag as well :P
[derp] and that shot
[Scully-V] t
[derp] damn, 90
[Scully-V] t x3
[Scully-V] phew
[derp] ack
[Scully-V] ew
[derp] we
[derp] crates are awesome
[Scully-V] nice :s
[derp] would've been nicer if your worm didn't go there
[derp] but won't complain, t :P
[derp] o shet how did that work
[derp] NIIICE
[Scully-V] ty!
[Scully-V] wow
[derp] goddamn I nearly died
[derp] DAMN
[Scully-V] too many crates for one
[derp] yeah not sure what's the deal with that
[Scully-V] ehh
[derp] shet
[derp] stop hitting so close
[derp] dude
[derp] no
[derp] and they called me the windwaster
[derp] for I wasted perfectly good wind
[Scully-V] nt
[derp] ty
[derp] NICE
[Scully-V] ty!
[Scully-V] wow
[derp] dayum
[derp] nt my man
[Scully-V] 1 more crate
[Scully-V] hell
[Scully-V] with some banana
[derp] nah it's not banana
[derp] I'd have LOVED banan
[derp] hm
[derp] all this good wind
[derp] and I waste it
[Scully-V] (
[derp] clooooose
[Scully-V] n1
[derp] FINALLY
[derp] ty my man
[derp] sorry I'm so shit btw
[derp] oh oh oooh
[Scully-V] nah
[Scully-V] b1
[derp] WOAH
[derp] LUCKER
[Scully-V] omg
[derp] bl man
[Scully-V] :\
[Scully-V] phew
[derp] woah no
[derp] I forgot
[derp] sd
[Scully-V] phew
[Scully-V] phew
[derp] :P
[derp] man you got it in the bag
[derp] AGAIN
[derp] my man
[Scully-V] n1
[derp] your luck is sad this game :(
[derp] I hit at least 3 impossible shots
[Scully-V] god damn it
[derp] man, bad luck :(
[Scully-V] 3 sec
[Scully-V] forgot
[derp] ouch :(
[Scully-V] that was fatal
[derp] fuk :P
[derp] NICE
Scully-V is too angry now
[derp] I'm gonna have to leave the crap hideout soon anyway
[Scully-V] ty
[Scully-V] ouch
[derp] shet
[derp] boooooo :P
[derp] NT
Scully-V is going to suicide
[derp] woah
[derp] WOAH
[derp] YOU HAVE IT
[derp] ty crate
[derp] gg man
[derp] I was saving it

[derp] GL HF
[Scully-V] hf
[derp] eugh
[Scully-V] that's just
[Scully-V] nah
[derp] man
[derp] calm down
[derp] where's your 4th btw?
[derp] can't even see it
[Scully-V] down
[derp] OH THERE
[Scully-V] -2
[derp] ouch man :(
[derp] fek
[derp] NICE
[Scully-V] t
[derp] aw :(
[derp] close
[derp] thanks :D
[derp] Now I don't have to worry about them :P
[derp] I keep lucking out with the wind
[derp] NICE
[Scully-V] ty
[derp] direct hit
[Scully-V] ew
[Scully-V] n1
[derp] :P
[derp] ty
[derp] HOW EVEN
[derp] bad luck man
[Scully-V] bf, my fault
[Scully-V] :\
[derp] :(
[derp] oh also
[Scully-V] oh
[derp] are you from Russia or New Zealand?
[Scully-V] Russia
[derp] Nice win man!
[Scully-V] t

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