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Sunday Aerial #12 Let's revive W:A!! part2
Knockout, Round 4
June 10, 2018, 11:11 PM
Chile Pn ded BrS
Gained 5 points
Russian Federation S3 BrS
Lost 5 points

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Information Tournament name: : #1070: Sunday Aerial #12
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Game Result: 2:1
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Game Chat(s)
[Scully-V] hf
[Frutiloops] aw
[Frutiloops] i'll turn of the music
[Scully-V] i'm watching sensei's stream with final match :D
[Frutiloops] lol
[Frutiloops] how is he doin?
[Scully-V] more like draw
[Scully-V] just the beginning
[Scully-V] lol
[Frutiloops] :)
[Scully-V] #howtowasteagoodwind
[Frutiloops] can't believe i haven't done sht
[Scully-V] :D
[Scully-V] pheew
[Frutiloops] n1
[Scully-V] ty, m8
[Scully-V] close one
[Scully-V] wee
[Scully-V] bad one
[Frutiloops] :p
[Frutiloops] couldn't land xD
[Scully-V] and lemur is losing
[Scully-V] whoa
[Frutiloops] aw
[Frutiloops] poor lemur
[Scully-V] she had all chances, tho
[Frutiloops] good to hear
[Frutiloops] neh i support sensei too
[Frutiloops] probably he will read this chat
[Scully-V] i was playing with lemur so bad
[Scully-V] i'd say it's the worst match of this match
[Scully-V] of this months*
[Scully-V] month
[Scully-V] damn it
[Frutiloops] well this is mine
[Frutiloops] no doubt
[Scully-V] just the first round
[Scully-V] get fun
[Frutiloops] true
[Scully-V] pfff
[Scully-V] noo
[Scully-V] my banana
[Frutiloops] i was looking for a sheep
[Frutiloops] to get out of it
[Frutiloops] one man can dream
[Scully-V] n1!
[Frutiloops] t c:
[Scully-V] b1
[Scully-V] ha
[Scully-V] boo
[Frutiloops] uff
[Scully-V] pff
[Scully-V] hm
[Scully-V] hm
[Frutiloops] didnt slide
[Frutiloops] he wtich
[Scully-V] 1-0 sensei
[Frutiloops] :o
[Frutiloops] aw
[Scully-V] -1
[Scully-V] wow
[Frutiloops] D:
[Scully-V] i want to die
[Frutiloops] omg
[Frutiloops] gg

[Frutiloops] lol
[Frutiloops] dumb move
[Scully-V] let's do the same
[Scully-V] 2-0 sensei
[Frutiloops] aww
[Frutiloops] heh
[Scully-V] 44
[Scully-V] 41
[Scully-V] gg
[Frutiloops] dat hide
[Scully-V] what am i doing
[Frutiloops] idk
[Scully-V] gg
[Frutiloops] gg

[Scully-V] hf
[Frutiloops] funks
[Scully-V] eh
[Scully-V] what have i done
[Scully-V] God
[Frutiloops] not really sure
[Frutiloops] :O
[Scully-V] wtf
[Frutiloops] gg
[Scully-V] gg...

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Game #223118, reported by Frutiloops
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Nah, i'm done with Worms.

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Nah, i'm done with Worms.

LOL just a bad day m8
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