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Island Team17
Knockout, Round 1
August 15, 2020, 06:22 PM
United Kingdom AQUA
Gained 5 points
Germany ZaR ae
Lost 5 points

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1 - 0
Information Tournament name: : #1101: Island Team17
Tournament scheme(s):
Game Result: 1:0
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Random generated map by the game.
1920 x 696, LEV, 0.04 KB, Downloaded 0 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[dt-sa1nt] hfgl
[SiD] Hf
[MuzerWA] gl; hf
[Run] you too!
[dt-sa1nt] gg
[Run] though not a great start on the "gl" bit with that ploppable worm you started with ;)
[Deadcode] Oh my.
[MuzerWA] soz, gonna watch coste because he beat me :P
[Run] woah
[Deadcode] Oh no, lag
[Run] yeah getting that here too
[Run] ah, he's back
[Deadcode] Phew.
[Run] that skullbarrel looks mighty awkward
[Run] oh no
[Deadcode] Wow.
[Run] that was a nasty burn
[dt-sa1nt] so low dmg
[Deadcode] That looked like it hurt more than it did.
[Run] the worst thing is that it totally ruined that bit of land
[Run] and now walking over it is a chore
[Run] gah!
[SiD] lol
[dt-sa1nt] lol
[SiD] slightly easier now
[dt-sa1nt] aìrstrìck more dmg than napalm :D
[Run] not genuinely sure if this works..#
[Run] oh good.
[Deadcode] Oooh.
[Run] that'll do
[Run] nice burn
[Run] i wonder...
[Run] :D
[Deadcode] Vvvvn.
[SiD] vn
[dt-sa1nt] lmaJ
[Run] i had that planned earlier but then he moved
[dt-sa1nt] f@#!
[Run] gah knew it
[dt-sa1nt] mouse
[Run] oh unlucky. i think that's a trap anyway though
[Run] well.
[dt-sa1nt] finger is too heavy
[Run] got a bit too greedy there i did
[Run] lol
[Run] burnin' that SD candle i see
[dt-sa1nt] f@#!ing survival :D
[Deadcode] Wow, hardcore darksiding. I like it. :D
[Run] yeah he's really burrowing in there
[dt-sa1nt] i prever lightside lol
[dt-sa1nt] but now i cant
[Deadcode] I like both.
[dt-sa1nt] at least i`ll have turn advantage
[Run] darkside THAT
[Run] hahhaa
[Deadcode] It's punchable, hehe.
[Run] damn, didn;'t think of that
[Deadcode] nicely done.
[dt-sa1nt] :D
[Deadcode] And just 1 pixel. Very well measured.
[Run] indeed lol
[Run] what did you do, line the girder up with the worm's eyebrow
[Run] ;D
[Run] might have to check that out sometime
[Run] i didn't want that crate anyway.
[Run] if he has an armageddon....
[Run] phew.
[dt-sa1nt] i save it for end game
[Run] damn
[Run] although....
[Run] mm
[dt-sa1nt] mmm
[dt-sa1nt] ...
[dt-sa1nt] forgot
[Deadcode] Watch it be 129.
[dt-sa1nt] ez
[Run] !
[SiD] :O
[Deadcode] Holy shit!
[SiD] gg
[Run] bloody hell
[Run] gg
[Deadcode] gg!

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