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Luckless Intermediate :) anyway i agree that both mortar and cluster should stay at power 3 team17 scheme, among all the bananas and other blasty weapons avaible its nothing in comparision and they are mostly used to punish or as a last resort suicide for about 100 damage, its not game breaking, even when cluster has 3 stacks ( you shouldnt normally be able to utilize too many anyway)


--- Quote from: Deadcode on August 14, 2020, 04:13 AM ---Oh! I didn't realize you were open to changing the scheme at this stage. Could you add 5 seconds of hotseat time, please?

--- End quote ---

Well, I'm more keen on testing settings that either existed in the original scheme (inf. girders, worm selects, crate probabilities) or that will standardize T17, Inter and Elite (weapon powers). Do people want to test this?

--- Quote from: Deadcode on August 14, 2020, 04:13 AM ---(Must say, I do not at all see the logic of making Mortar less than 3 stars. It's virtually never possible to get a significant amount of damage with it anyway.)

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According to KRD, Mortar and Cluster Bomb are OP in Intermediate at 3 stars. The reason why T17 would have them at 2 stars is simply to have the same weapon powers.

Intermediate is a different kind of thing where 80+ raw damage can only be achieved with super weapons (not counting some bizzare weapon usages like petrol for 100 damage), and power 3 cluster makes it op because it is so easy to use it for a 80+ killing blow. Team17 cant be compared to Inter in op'ness of weapons avaible to you.

@Senator - Will you be streaming any of this on your channel?

Yeah actually, I think having Mortar and Cluster Bomb both at 3 star power in Team17 is my second preference, personally. I recognise that the scheme is in concept and practice different enough from league variants of Intermediate that it should be able to sustain those weapons at their standard values, even if you're then still stuck with the weird disparity between getting a single Mortar and three Cluster Bombs from a crate.

So, I'd be pretty happy about doing it this way myself (as you may be able to guess from previous discussions, I am a bit of a standardisation nutter), but I know there have been more than a few players over the years who just straight up hated these cluster weapons being able to do 80+ damage, to target worms who often didn't get the chance to try and hide from it, or simply couldn't justify it over doing something else. Similarly to how introducing Kamikaze to the Team17 scheme would mess with players' late game expectations, powerful Cluster Bombs (Mortars to a lesser extent, I know) feel like they would mess with their notion of what is and isn't a good hide throughout the game, especially since for whatever reason, both T17 and Elite schemes have historically had Cluster Bomb nerfed all the way down to 1 star power. Having them at 2 stars is then a) already a buff compared to what the majority of players are used to and b) actually just quite strong in real terms, not much worse than 3 star power would be.

But yeah anyway, for this one tournament where Senator specifically wants to be testing some of the proposed changes out, I don't think it matters either way. He'll know best what he is and isn't interested in trying out, and we can continue the discussion about the scheme in general elsewhere, as we have been. :P


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